Class Ring: A Crest For The Group


People through generations have the propensity to form fraternities over common causes and thoughts. Think of the secret societies throughout the history of early Europe. Some existed for science, others for national security. In modern times, the nature of fraternities is less secretive. The Sigma Tau college fraternity, the biker boys sodality and what not, they all exist for their faiths. Curiously, all of these brotherhoods since their start have one thing in common, a signature jewelry that signify their affiliation to the community. And now, high school students in the 21st century like to have their own collective identity and class rings make the artefact.

What Are Class Rings 

Class rings usually have bold designs with use of big center stones, sometimes accompanied with accent stones on the sides. In other cases, they have plain bands with gemstones integrated along the circle. However, what’s significant about these rings is the engravings. For educational institutions, they bear the names of school, college or university with the batch year. In special cases, students under a particular house like to have their own emblem and that is when they add the names of their houses to the rings.

The Designs

An assortment of designs loads this section of the shelf. The market is presently opulent with choices in class rings. Most designs use big to small colored gemstones in bezel or round settings. Accent stones are often used where there is room for more embellishments. The band of the ring is usually where the engravings are done. Sometimes, all the three external sides are used to do the letterings. Class rings are hardly ever subtle. They are supposed to scream out your association and your community and that’s what the designers aim at doing.

Craft Your Own Class Ring

The rings are customized to fit your class’s details, your community’s values and more. You can craft a design for your ring online. It doesn’t require you to be an expert designer. It is okay even if you haven’t done this before. Select the right size, specify the precise details of the design from the list, give in some inputs that might perfect the design and mention if you want an antique finish to it. The providers work on the details, play up the finesse and polish the ring to the finish as you want. Also, feel free to mention the kind of setting you want for the stone and also your choice of stones.

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The Ideal Method of Selection in a Jewelry Store


Most women have faced the problem of choosing one from many when shopping for jewelry. As it is, ornaments are too tempting to choose and pick. They are designed to precision and crafted to perfection in a way that appeals to the sense of the viewers. While that works in favor of the sellers, it addles the minds of most customers who find themselves going back and forth between two or more pieces, often leading them to leave the store without purchasing more than planned or none. Here is a thing about choices. It does more harm than good, if you are not a decisive person. It’s a drill that claims your time, patience of your accompaniment (particularly husbands) and money, all of that more than you had agreed to spend.

How you avoid making a disastrously expensive purchase or ditch buying at all and cut through the lure and illusion?

Know Your Style

It is not a pre-purchase exercise that you can do overnight. Everybody has a style of their own, and even if you haven’t delved about it before, you must have at least a vague idea about it. That is your guiding star in the adventure of finding the right piece of jewelry from a sea of incredibly beautiful jewels. Not all of them are your style. You have to sail through to find the ones that complement your personality better than the others. So, that will narrow down the choices a bit.

See Only What You Came to See

Getting distracted is pretty easy, especially in a jewelry store. You may lose your direction and lose your heart to a brooch when what you came to buy was a pair of studs. Don’t let that happen, even when the other pieces beckon your attention constantly. It may take a little effort, some practice too, but when you can avoid everything else and focus on your aim, know that you’re on the right path.

Settle for the Better Choice

If you are confused between the two, the easy way out is to pick the one you like best. You can’t like two pieces of jewelry equally. Stop to think which one of the two you like best and pick that without another look back.

Stay Limited to What Looks Best on You

Always pick ornaments that will look good on you than the ones that look great in the display shelf, but not so much when you wear them.

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How Diamond Shopping Can Be Pocket-Saving

JessicaAlbaNecklace-193x300You want to buy a diamond but don’t have enough to spare. If you are wishing that diamonds were available on deals, then you need to learn a couple of shopping tricks that can bring down the diamond shopping expense to the bottom, if you do it right. Yes, there is a way in which diamond shopping can be inexpensive, but it requires selective knowledge and the correct approach. Before we start, here is a basic question for you. What do you think is different between the diamonds sold at up class Tiffany & Co. showrooms and those sold at your neighborhood Costco store? Well, for one, there is quality.

Colors Can Be Unique: If you are not one of them who have a morbid hankering for achromatic diamonds, then that can save you a good deal of money. Diamonds that are graded at the bottom of the scale have slight colors in them. That happens to the presence of other minerals in trace quantity. A diamond is still a diamond if it bears a slight grey hue or a yellow tinge to it. In fact, they may look surprisingly pretty if you have the eyes to appreciate it.

It’s All in the Cuts

Cuts can magically transform really light stones to appear bigger and chunkier. Oval is one of the cuts that is particularly devised to make a flat stone appear longer and wider from its setting. So, if it’s an ornament you are to purchase, look for cuts of stones that will make the stone look bigger without needing to use an actually large stone. Baguette and emerald are examples of two other cuts that have shaped really small stones to larger dimensions.

Clarity Is Overrated

You really don’t want to go into the clarity game when buying diamonds, if you have a limited budget. Ideally, the D FL is the best grade diamond ever known to the world. However, the prices of a D Flawless diamond is exorbitantly high and is not recommended unless you have enough to splurge without a care in the world. If you are man of limited means, make yourself happy with buying something from the SI range or below. These stones have slight inclusions or flaws in them, but that is not for untrained eyes to spot, even from up close. So, whatever size of diamond you choose, stick to the bottom of the scale to keep the price that way too.

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Why The Princess Cut Diamond Rings Are Much More Than Their Affordable Price

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The sleek lines of the princess cut diamond rings give it a dramatic and elegant effect. This popular diamond cut is designed to give maximum sparkle to its chic and modern square shape. The princess cut diamond rings are more dazzling than ever in a solitary-type mount. At your chosen Jewelry workshop, you can have them design engagement rings to accommodate princess-cut diamonds, giving a very modern twist to the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring.

The price per carat of princess cut diamond rings is lower than that of round diamonds. The reason for this is very simple. The pyramidal shape of the once-polished princess-cut diamond comes close to the shape of the original crude diamond cut in half. So there is very little loss. This good performance explains why a princess-sized diamond is cheaper than a round diamond. Keep in mind, however, that princess-cut diamonds can only come from well-trained, high-quality rough diamonds.

You do not compromise in terms of quality when you opt for a princess-sized diamond. Indeed, of all the existing square shapes, the princess cut is the cut of which the fire and the brilliance is closest to the round brilliant diamond. A princess diamond engagement ring gives a unique combination of shape, shine, and price. If you like the characteristics of the round diamond but you prefer the square shape; the princess cut diamond rings are for you! Indeed, most rectangular or square shaped diamonds will not offer you the same brilliance as the round or oval diamonds, but the princess shape keeps all its brilliance in spite of everything. It is very important to check that the jewel’s mount or frame covers the pointed ends of this stone to avoid cracks.

What You Do Not Know About Pear Cut Diamonds


Do you want to buy a diamond ring? Consider the idea of ​​a diamond with a pear cut. Here’s what you should know before choosing pear cut diamonds. Usually, the classic diamond ring has a perfectly round stone. Another variant is the princess cut, which has the advantage of minimizing the remains resulting from cutting the diamond. But if you like a slightly less used, less conventional shape, you can choose the pear cut diamonds.

How to wear pear cut diamonds

The pear cut is a mixture between a marquise cut, and a round cut. The shape of the drop, if mounted on a ring, should be worn preferably with the tip towards the nail, as it makes the fingers thinner. This particular cut diamond was created by Lodewyk van Berquem in Belgium in the early 1400s. Van Berquem innovated in the diamond cutting technology and also introduced new polishing methods: some of his innovations are still used today.

The pear-cut diamond uses 71 or 58 small triangular facets. It is not easy to make one, even if this type of cut involves a lot of leftovers. Although it is more difficult to cut, the shape of the pears has advantages. For example, with the arrangement of the facets, any inclusion may be more difficult to detect. Conversely, in diamonds with fewer facets such as Asscher or emerald, the inclusions are much more visible. Cutting pears also offers an advantage to those who wear it, as it tends to make your fingers more slender.

How to choose pear cut diamonds

  • It must be perfectly symmetrical.
  • The tip must not be rounded.
  • Let it turn under the light: it must not have “black spots”, that is to say without reflections.

Read carefully the certificate of the gemmological institute that evaluated the stone. The same for a quality stone should have at least these characteristics: good cut, color H, clarity: SI1, depth percentage of 56-70%, 53-62% table, width-length from 1.45 to 1.70

What’s Trending in Earrings in 2017?


We are already in the second quarter of 2017, and as we are crossing the middle threshold of this year, most of us are done with the guess part. We are no longer at the stage where we are wondering what would everybody be wearing this year. In earrings at least, the trend is set. There are some styles in earrings that have risen over others this year. While some were already in the pipeline since the last year waiting to be declared as the trendsetters, others came out of nowhere as surprises. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the earrings shelves this year.

Spike Diamond Earrings

Inverted gems are ruling this year. With celebrated jewelers like Ana Katarina leading the way, the market is going crazy on these punk-cum-chic spikes. These new earrings are a twisty version of the traditional hoops. The rings are studded with inverted gems. With their culets pointing outward, these spiky hoops are quite unique in their own rights.

Asymmetrical Danglers

After single earrings, the next stage is asymmetrical pairs. This year, these inventive earrings are going to be the highlight. The concept of symmetry is upended by these pairs that feature two asymmetrical pieces in a pair. Cross-orientation like reversed stone arrangement, etc. are the key features of these danglers. The beauty of these pieces is that in a pair, they look different, but not quite so.

Bold-Colored, Oversized Earrings

Bold-colored pieces are fast mounting the ladder this year.  Chandelier and dangler earrings this year are marked by bright and contrasting gems. The colors look undeniably bold, but complimentary to one another. With these pieces rising to popularity, it seems that the buyers are finally ready for something extravagant.

Concentric Hoops

Aside spiky hoops, another kind that is getting sighted often is concentric hoops. These hoops are very similar to the traditional ones, except that they feature a second hoop within the outer ring. Two concentric circles with some wide space in between create an orbital effect that introduces the quality of flexibility in the design.

Geometric Earrings

Another style that is gradually getting appended to the current trend is geometric earrings. These pieces are designed in simple geometric shapes, each featuring clean lines and solid bodies. The reflective finish and French hook make them an everyday wear with any kind of outfit.

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Unusual Diamond Rings

In today’s jewelry world, the possibilities for ring designs seem endless. Some people prefer classical styles which have stood the test of time. Others aim for vintage looks that emulate an older, glamorous image. Still more like to choose unique engagement rings which stand out from others.

One option to find these bands is to go browsing for stores and designers who specialize in unusual rings. This may be ideal for those who want something uncommon, but aren’t sure what kind of style they want. Designer engagement rings can feature innovations with mounts, metalwork and choice of cut, such as twisted gold which resembles rope, or small diamonds set into prong tips.

A second possibility is finding a jeweler who offers a create-your-own-ring feature. These commonly offer a selection of cuts, precious metal and settings. Some stores go a few steps further, providing choices of embellishment, and the ability to decide on the clarity, color and carat of the diamond. This approach may work for those who want more say over their ring’s appearance.

Another option is a designer who specializes in custom work. This allows for the greatest amount of control in the look of your ring. If there’s specific imagery, motifs or other ideas you have in mind, this may be the ideal option. Custom rings are also a good option for those who have Pear loose diamonds, but don’t yet have a setting.