Creating One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings

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Diamond engagement rings are a beloved symbol of romance and commitment. Their popularity means a number of common designs. Those who seek unique engagement rings may want more than to stand out from the crowd. There’s a special feeling in wearing a band that represents your love, and your love alone.

There is a wide array of diamond cuts and shapes to choose from. Along with classics such as the round brilliant and cushion cuts are fancy brilliant shapes like hearts, triangles and pear loose diamonds. Step cut diamonds like Asschers, and emerald cuts and baguettes provide a gleam different from brilliant’s sparkle. Mixed cut styles like princess cut diamond rings combine the qualities of brilliant and step.

Hue is another way to make engagement rings special. This can mean choosing diamonds with more or less color, like a D or H grade jewels. Other options include the choice of metal, such as platinum, yellow or colored gold. Some rings use a variety of metal, such as white gold bands with yellow prongs. The color of the shank can influence the apparent hue of the diamonds, making the stones seem lighter or deeper.

Diamond rings are everywhere, but adding colored gemstones can make them unusual. Possibilities can be as simple as placing an emerald side by side with a diamond. More elaborate designer engagement rings may feature a tourmaline halo or sapphire side stones. A simple or grand addition can make your jewelry even more special.

One way to ensure your ring is as special as you want is to use a create-your-own system. Valentin Magro’s Custom Diamond Collection offers eleven kinds of diamond cuts and shapes. You can further narrow your gem choice by color, clarity and other traits. Twenty-one settings are available, along with a selection of precious metals.

Those who envision a specific design but have trouble finding it in stores can utilize custom services. Valentin Magro accepts special orders. Your dream band may be understated, extravagant or avant-garde. No matter how it looks, we’ll make it a reality. To learn more, feel free to reach us at:


The Appeal of Brilliance – White Light in Diamonds


Brilliance, also known as brightness, is a prized trait in diamonds. White light enters a stone through its table, reflects off the inner facets and exits to the viewer’s eye. Cutters have spent centuries aiming to unlock still more brilliance from the jewel. People looking for gemstones for engagement rings and diamond wedding bands will find an array of brilliant style cuts.

Diamonds are made of tightly packed carbon atoms. The crystal structure is so dense, light slows dramatically as it passes through the jewel. Depending on the angle, light will bounce off the stone’s interior, illuminating the gem.

Careful proportions are a must when cutting brilliant diamonds. The right depth and angles will keep light moving within the stone, adding brightness. Ensuring light exits through the top rather than sides of the stone further play up brilliance. Round brilliant’s strict standards ensure consist lighting among jewels.

Brilliants are popular for diamond bands. They come in a variety of shapes, with round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings the most sought after. People want pretty jewelry to commemorate important events. Since brilliance is so admired, it makes its way onto many designs.

Those who want the brightest possible ring may want to add diamond embellishments to their bands. Side stones are one way to do this. Halos add one or more lines of small jewels around the main gemstones. Those who want brilliance on more of their ring may want to look at designs with jeweled shanks.

Radiant Cut Diamond Rings – Uncommonly Bright Stones


Radiant cut diamonds premiered in the 1970s. They were initially patented, but now any cutter may create them. They’re rectangular jewels with cropped corners and concentrated brightness. Their brilliance makes them a choice cut for engagement rings and diamond wedding bands.

The cut combines the shape of the emerald cut and light return of a round brilliant. Jewels which exhibit properties of both step and brilliant cuts are called mixed cuts. They’re designed to shine while preserving carat. Radiant and princess cut engagement rings are popular examples.

The brilliance radiant diamonds give off enhances the appeal of the jewel. Its light helps disguise clarity characteristics, making it a good match for stones of modest clarity. Depending on the diamond’s color, a radiant cut can lighten or intensify its hue.

Unlike some other cuts, there is no set way to create a perfect radiant cut. Instead, there are a few guidelines. Ideal radiant cut diamonds have two sets of parallel sides. Its corners are even, neither too wide nor too shallow. The bottom most point of the jewel should be centered to create optimal light return.

Radiant cut diamond rings are attractive in many settings. Mounts such as prong and half bezel encourage light to travel through the gemstone. Those who want to further brighten their ring may wish to add halos, side stones or extra diamonds on the shank.

Love And Diamond Rings – A Look At Symbolism


Diamond rings and romance are closely intertwined. For centuries, these rings were used as a tangible sign of love and commitment. Their designs and purposes have changed over time. From simply an engagement marker, diamond bands now commemorate many special moments in a couple’s life.

The first recorded diamond engagement ring dates to 1477. Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave one to his fiancé Mary of Burgundy. While engagement rings were already a long-established tradition, he wanted to make an impression. He used diamonds’ extreme hardness to demonstrate his enduring love for Mary.

Diamond engagement rings for women captured the imagination of Europe’s wealthy, who started exchanging their own. Over time, discoveries in Brazil, South Africa and other countries made diamond jewelry available to a broader audience. Advertising campaigns underscoring the link between diamonds and love pushed the rings’ popularity to new heights.

It’s harder to pinpoint when wedding bands acquired diamonds. It is however easy to understand why, as the bonds of love continue after marriage. Diamond wedding bands signal a steadfast relationship. From an aesthetic standpoint, modern engagement rings and wedding bands are often worn stacked up top each other. If both have diamonds, they better coordinate.

Anniversary rings commemorate the years a couple has been together. Lists of suggested anniversary gifts name specific items for certain milestones. Traditionally, diamonds are for couples who have been together for decades. Modern relationships don’t wait for a set date. They exchange diamond anniversary bands as a call back to earlier rings, with diamonds once more a sign of romance.

Diamond eternity bands feature a row of jewels surrounding the shank. The design gets its name from the unending circle of stones. This continuous loop symbolizes enduring love. Eternity rings are popular for wedding and anniversary bands.

Three stone diamond rings have three jewels mounted in a row. They have matching cut, color and clarity, with a larger central stone. The three gems are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple. They’re popular as engagement rings, though their meaning makes them good for wedding and anniversary rings as well.

Gems That Cut Cost, But Not Kill The Looks


The price of gold is on a timeless upward climb, as we know it. To cut cost and to bring to the people a more financially doable alternative, the jewels introduced pure silver ornaments. While that worked pretty great with many, it hardly met the thirst for gold. Along came gemstones to decorate the jewels, and that sent the prices up a couple of more notches. While that’s a reality we live in, it isn’t necessarily so bad, if you know how to dodge the bullet. The thing is, you can still buy jewelry and not lose your fortune on it, if you choose some gems over others. Diamonds are beautiful, but that is not to say, nothing else is. Here are some very pretty gemstones that can beautify any piece of jewel without driving the cost up to an insane mark.


Aquamarine: You may have seen or read about these stones before. Now it’s time to get yourself a nice piece studded with these beauties. Aquamarine, the color of ocean, is a beautiful gemstone that wears a shade of blue so rare in naturally occurring minerals, that they can hardly ever be missed. Aquamarines look great in necklaces and bracelets, but are now used in rings and earrings with equal success. You have got to check out the aquamarine collection at the stores, if you haven’t already. Aquamarine jewelry are still a novelty in the market, and that is all the more reason for you to consider.


Amethyst: This quartz is a brilliant purple gemstone that often makes appearances in pendants and bracelets. A spiritual stone by definition, this sparkling piece of purple is an eye candy that comes for a cost that is only a fraction of a diamond of the same carat. If you have a soft spot for the color purple, then an amethyst jewel is something you must have in your collection. At its price, you have the liberty to go for a nice chunky piece with still change to spare.

Opal: Opal is a magnificent gemstone and quite a shame to be placed at the bottom of any list. The brilliant iridescent of an opal surpasses that of real pearl by a wide measure. Opals come in two colors, black and white. Move over to a black opal and the color play doubles up in brilliance. A large opal framed in an ornate gold pendant is a worthy buy.

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Style up with Long Swishy Y Necklaces


So, if you haven’t heard about these mod and chic pieces of jewelry yet, you have done yourself a disservice. Y necklaces are wildly popular and an in thing at this point. These necklaces are all over the place, from fashion ramps to TV shows and everywhere. The perfect piece to go with yoga tanks to haute couture gowns, Y necklaces are one of the best things presented to the ladies in recent times. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, look out for long, swishy neckpieces that are looped and tucked to form a distinct Y around the neck, and there, you have your Y-necklace.

Just to clear up any misgiving, a Y necklace cannot be made by folding up extra-long chains. Though that style was once up in the clouds and looked great too, but it would be fair to call it something else. Y necklaces are long, but not as long as flat or fixture chains. They are designed with the use of one or multiple open ended chains.  After a couple of loops, the loose ends are tied together using a little ornamental hook or to one another leaving a little bit hanging from the front.

About the length of Y necklaces, they vary, depending upon the design and style. However be it, the length normally doesn’t exceed the bust line. That is another reason why they go so well with all kinds of necklines. Best with an off-shoulder or deep-cut neck, the necklaces hang to the right point where it can be seen all along while drawing attention to certain features. As for crew, keyhole, stand-away and such necklines, these necklaces fill in the plain front of the dresses giving them a nice touch.

Y necklaces are not all chains and no embellishments. They are often adorned with itty bitty stones that may interrupt with the length of the chain, but give it a very special look. Y necklaces make a perfect accessory for both full and flat chested women. The neckpiece draws attention to the neck, and the length works to make it look slender. If you are not someone whose taste slide towards loud and gorgeous jewelry, then Y necklace is just your thing. Wear them to work, to parties, to movies and wherever, and it will always keep you in style.

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Stackable Jewelry For A New Style Every Day


Stackable jewelry have been around for a pretty long time. They have existed in many cultures for decades, not so much as a matter of fashion than a ritual. However, the stackable trend is back again, this time in the global fashion platform. Fashionistas have introduced this style in bangles, rings and what not. This idea of one became so wildly popular all around the globe in such a short time, that jewelers picked up cues from it to design exclusive stackable jewelry. Right now, stacking up jewelry instead of wearing just a single piece has become a trend among women of all ages.

Stackable Bangles

Bangles, bracelets, wristlets, name it and the market has it in diverse stackable varieties. You can either buy multiple pieces and stack them up as they match, or buy the one-piece stackable suite. The beauty of the latter is that it relieves you of the hassle of managing too many bracelets chafing against your arm. These one-piece stackable bracelets are a single piece that is assembled by joining multiple bangles. Understandably they have lesser freedom of mixing and matching as compared to other pieces. If you like to make your own suite of bracelets, then mix and match from your collection. The best part of making a stack on your own is that you can pick as you like. Pair a square bangle with a round one, or a charm wristlet with a heritage bangle, and you can create a style statement that has never been before.

Stackable Rings

The idea of stackable has been passed on to rings too and, by the looks of it, ladies are loving it. So, now, you can pair up rings instead of wearing one a day. The idea probably came from the concept of stacking engagement and wedding rings together. However, with this trend on, you don’t have to wait till your wedding to be able to put more than one ring in one finger. Go as you like from your box and create your own assemblage of rings. Make a stack with just bands or just solitaires, or use both. As long as they go well together, there is nothing else stopping you, really.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about stacking ornaments is that you can create a new piece every time, as long as your imagination is turned on.

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