How to Buy the Best Diamond at the Best Price?

Here is a guide dedicated to learning about diamonds in order to become a savvy amateur. Buying a diamond is a big investment and an important decision. Before you start, you should carry out a study as you would for the purchase of a car or any valuable property. This way, you will not only make an informed, smart and rational buying decision, but mostly choose the most beautiful diamond for the woman in your life or just make yourself happy.


1) First step: learning 4Cs

As soon as you start to get interested in diamonds, you will hear a lot about the 4Cs. In the diamond jargon – the characteristics of a diamond – are known as the 4Cs.

The 4Cs help determine the value and beauty of a diamond. These are the 4 Cs:

  • Carat – Carat
  • Cut – Size
  • Color – Color
  • Clarity – Purity

The weight of a diamond is measured in Carats. Size is considered to be the most important feature of the diamond. Indeed, a well-cut diamond will offer more fire, luster and shine. Color, the natural color of the visible material of the diamond, is the only characteristic determined by nature. Finally, Purity is an indication of the inclusions (i.e. impurities) of the diamond.

2) Step 2: Be attentive to the certificate.

As a general rule, each diamond sold in jeweler was examined and classified according to 4Cs. scientific evaluation gives you a way to compare the price of one diamond with another. A larger diamond – which weighs more in carats – may be cheaper than a smaller one whose size, purity and color is much better. All 4Cs must be taken into account to determine the value of a diamond.

But how can we be sure of the characteristics of each diamond? : The certificate. The certificate is issued by independent gemological laboratories. It is written proof of the qualities of the diamond that will serve as a basis for determining its value.

3) Third step: know your taste and choose well

There are several factors that contribute to the beauty of a diamond. Some women consider that a shape, such as a round diamond, princess or pear, is more beautiful than another shape. In fact, the beauty of the diamond is above all a matter of personal taste. Some may prefer the pear loose diamonds while others the round brilliant cut diamond.

Guidelines for Buying Colored Diamonds

3b722c79815074c8b1e23beabf76a50eAt the bottom of the scale of colored diamonds, there are brown, gray, yellow diamonds. At mid-level, you have the bright yellow diamonds and bright orange diamonds. The rarest and most expensive colored diamonds are those with a pure, green, purple, pink, blue and red color. However, while brown diamonds are considered to be the cheapest in their class, a 10-carat brown diamond would nevertheless be a rare item. It should be noted that this ranking is very widespread. Knowing that each diamond is unique, you can also rely on other criteria. The goal as investors will be to find a diamond that is within your budget, which is sought after and known, but not too rare or too mundane. In addition, there are some basic elements and recommendations that you must respect.

Guidelines for investing in diamonds of color

In addition to general instructions on how to buy investment diamonds such as the purchase of diamonds certified GIA, etc., there are certain technical specifications regarding the diamonds themselves that you need to make sure.

The GIA certificate

heart-wedding-bandsIf you do not know what a GIA certificate is, it should be pointed out that this is the only way to really know what you are buying. Being a recognized laboratory to certify the value of a diamond, the GIA issues a certificate that goes with a diamond that is somehow its identity. Make sure that the diamond in which you want to invest disposes of it, as the buyer will probably want to demand it.


According to most investors, low clarity diamonds are more difficult to sell. And yet, this kind of diamond has its own clientele and can be used for an investment. Indeed, most people want to vary the color of the diamonds they buy without necessarily taking into account the clarity, especially the diamond collectors who wish to have as many colors of diamonds in their collection. The fact that these diamonds are more difficult to sell will alert your vigilance. The best value and the most commercial is the VS2.

The way in which the diamond has been cut

The people tend to confuse the size with the shape. When talking about size, it is necessary to refer to the quality of its polish (the precision in which the diamond has been cut). Does the diamond have the ideal fire and luster? Is it as brilliant as it should be? Many investors prefer to go for the round brilliant cutdiamond. But this also should be accompanied by a certificate for its valuation.


The Diamond Eternity Wedding Band, a Symbol of Love!

Marriage is the beautiful union of two people who love each other. A beautiful way to focus on this event is the eternity wedding band. It symbolizes eternal love. This diamond ring is beautiful as an engagement ring, but it is also increasingly worn as an alliance. The eternity ring is a timeless classic that truly suits each personality. It is an investment for life. As the name suggests an eternity wedding band binds two people for eternity and the word eternity fits just right in the context of a wedding.


A symbol of love

The shape of the diamond eternity ring symbolizes eternal love and fidelity. It is the ultimate symbol of love. Therefore, this pattern is often chosen as an engagement ring. The legendary, Marilyn Monroe had received a request in marriage with an eternity ring. Eternity ring is a classic greatly appreciated by every woman. And besides, this diamond ring is ideal as an alliance. It strengthens your love, because everyone must know that the feelings that bind you are unique and eternal.

The form

There are several types of eternity rings. The most popular form is a white gold or platinum ring set with diamonds (colorless). If you want a more original diamond ring, you can add colored diamonds or precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. If your budget is rather limited, it is then possible to only crimp the top half. We prefer the eternity wedding band set with diamonds. It is not only very luxurious, but it also attracts all eyes.

After purchasing your wedding band, what precautions should be taken with it?

Whatever metal you choose for your wedding band, it will inevitably wear out over time. If you never take care of your ring, it will happen all the more quickly, especially if you always wear your wedding ring when doing your house chores, during certain sports activities or when you are gardening. It is therefore necessary to take certain precautions, especially during your housework which often requires the use of caustic products. It is advisable to use rubber gloves to protect your hands or simply not to wear your wedding rings during these activities.

How to clean your jewelry?

Jewelry gets dirty quite often. You must therefore take care of your wedding bands, clean them regularly, for example with products specially designed for jewelry cleaning. In specialty shops you will also find soft cloths to clean and polish your jewelry.

The Ideal Cut for a Princess Diamond

8959d-vmen-1-l_1-230x2301The princess diamond is the most popular form, just after the shiny round diamond. Most of the time, the princess diamond is square, but it can also be rectangular. The princess form was created in the 1980s, and its brilliance is as impressive as that of the round brilliant diamond. The princess diamond is an original alternative to the classic round diamond. Note that if you choose a princess diamond with a low color level, it is possible that you observe color on the corners of the stone.

What is the ideal cut for a princess diamond?

Princess cut diamonds are the most popular forms of diamonds, just after the round diamond, for particular engagement rings. They are highly in demand for their value and appearance. However, unlike round diamonds, princess cut diamonds do not have a standard certification scale. The GIA or any other certifying agency will therefore not note down the size (cut) of the princess diamond on their certificates.

Therefore, how can one determine the ideal size proportions for a princess diamond? Just like the round diamond, the ideal size for a princess diamond is determined by several factors: depth and table proportions, as well as crown and breech angles. The size is also determined by the symmetrical arrangement of the facets of the diamond: how are the facets aligned with one another in order to maximize the brilliance and fire of the diamond.

So what are the ideal proportions of a princess-sized diamond? We recommend that you choose a princess diamond that has a table between 62 and 68%, a depth of 64 to 75%, and a crown of height 10 to 15%. The symmetry must also be from “very good” to “excellent”.

Another very important detail when determining the ideal size for a princess diamond is the ratio width-length, which determines the square or rectangular shape of the diamond. The ratio is calculated by dividing the length by the width. A perfect square will have a ratio of 1, and a perfect rectangle will have a ratio of about 1.05.

If you are looking for princess cut engagement rings, make sure you follow these guidelines because choosing an engagement ring is a really stressful task. Do not just go for the shiniest one, demand a certified diamond as well. The certification will be beneficial for both you and the seller and ask for renowned certifiers such as GIA to be sure.

Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings Are Never Out Of Style

3b722c79815074c8b1e23beabf76a50eRound brilliant cut diamonds might be the most common shape nowadays but they are really elegant and dazzling, especially under light. There are different styles of round cut diamond rings and the setting you love can be yours.

The most common ring setting would be solitaire. This is an old style but it is still the most popular style, thanks to the incomparable beauty of this ring. The base metal can be different, depending on the taste of the buyer. Usually, the ring has 4 to 6 prongs to hold the diamond in place.

If you like it, there is the round brilliant cut diamond ring which has accent stones on either sides to enhance the beauty. Most of the times, two smaller princess cut diamonds are used for this purpose. In fact, you can find lots of variants of this design. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and thus, you should be the ultimate judge. Even a simple ring might look great on her because, often, the beauty is in the simplicity.

This is a classic design and it can be worn during work and during occasions. It would go well with almost every outfit you wear, from a casual pair of jeans to an elaborate formal gown. The round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is special due to its versatility.

Round brilliant rings are there for every budget, so you shouldn’t worry much about the available fund. The price is heavily dependent on the stone used, the base metal and the intricacy of the design. Diamond is the most preferred choice as gemstone. However, the price of a diamond is determined by the cut, clarity, carat and color of the stone. Base metals like yellow gold and platinum are costlier compared to alternatives like white gold, silver and titanium. You can choose simple solitaire if your budget doesn’t allow a paved design or accented solitaire. It is the love behind this ring which is more priceless for her, trust me on that.

You can use the internet for your purpose. The internet makes it very easy to search for the exact ring you wish to purchase. However, you can also purchase a loose diamond and then use it to create a unique style of ring by yourself. Purchasing online also has other advantages. You can easily find the lowest price on the internet, compared to purchasing it offline.

Different Types of Wedding Bands

f557d-13010797_1061127020624923_7986651059090298259_nAt every stage of its manufacture, your future jewel is given every attention. For the finishing touches, the jewelers pay particular attention to the rendering of each piece. Let us take a look at the types of wedding bands.

The Classic ring: The classic ring exists in different widths and weights. Some models of wedding ring are available in all gold (yellow, gray, pink), others in all gold or two-colored (yellow and pink wedding ring, gray and yellow, etc.)

The Diamond pave wedding bands: The diamond pave wedding bands are an incomparable line of beauty and purity. It exists in two forms, the diamonds cover the whole of the wedding ring, or the diamonds cover the first half of the wedding ring. Two diamond grades are usually available for these models: HSI and GVS. A full diamond ring is set all around with stones of the same size. Generally very expensive because of the number of diamonds, this type of wedding ring is often made to order depending on your finger size, stones and the kind of model you want.

The Wedding ring 2 colored gold : A jewel is said in “2 Gold” when it is made at the base with two alloys, one yellow and white, one yellow and pink, etc.

The Wedding ring 3 colored gold: A jewel is called “3 Gold” when it is made at the base with three alloys, one yellow, one pink and one white. This wedding ring was created by the Cartier jewelry brand in 1924 and around 1970 it became very popular and remains a must in the wedding ring.

The Fantasy Wedding ring: Original creations, made according to the sketches of certain designers, handmade by jewelers in the respect of a traditional craftsmanship.

Twinset Wedding rings: Tailor made your wedding ring with diamonds and makes it a unique piece. Determine the number of diamonds you want to trim: 1, 3, 6, and 9, half turn or full turn. Select your favorite gold color: yellow gold or gray gold.

The Intertwined Wedding ring: A perfect marriage of 3 wedding rings, under an explosion of colors (yellow, gray and pink).

The Wedding ring Comfort: Thanks to its bulging appearance inside the wedding ring, its reach gives you a more pleasant effect. When you hear about comfort ring, it means that the inside of the ring has a slight rounded, making it more pleasant to wear.

Characteristics of Diamonds

heart-wedding-bandsAre you looking to buy loose diamonds? There are so many types of loose diamonds out there, the most famous ones being the heart shape loose diamonds and the pear shaped loose diamonds. But as many of us are not diamonds connoisseurs, here is a guideline on how to identify some characteristics of diamonds which you can proudly show off to people whom in turn you can advise.

Speck – A tiny impact or a shock spot on the surface of the diamond which can create very small lines like roots inside the stone. The presence of a small trace of abrasion can explain the difference between a degree IF and VVS1.

Cavity – An angular opening in the surface of the diamond, created when a part of a pen has separated. In higher purity grades, this may be invisible to the naked eye.

Chip – A surface opening resulting from the size or damage to the surface of a stone. Larger chips can result in significant weight loss. In higher grades of purity, the chip may be invisible to the naked eye.

Cloud – A group of tiny crystallites found inside a diamond, too small to distinguish them individually. In diamonds of higher purity, clouds are often difficult to detect at a magnification of 10x. Sometimes with less diamonds of lower purity, you can see a note on the classification report that purity is based on clouds that do not show up. This can be considered a “micro-cloud” and in rare cases may become slightly visible to the naked eye.

Crystal – A crystal is a small piece of mineral, diamond or other material that is found inside a diamond. It may vary in size, shape and color, and may extend to the surface of the diamond.

Feather – A general term for a fracture or crack in a diamond that extends to the surface. In diamonds of higher purity, the feathers may be so shallow or slightly accentuated in relief that they are difficult to find even at a magnification of 10x.

Natural cutting the round – A rim or a notched part of the original rough diamond, left unpolished, located beneath the finished and polished diamond surface.

A transparent crystal included that extends to the surface of the diamond after the final shaping.

Natural – Part of the surface of the raw diamond of origin left unpolished on the finished diamond. It is usually found near the girdle and is often undetectable to the naked eye seen from above.