Floral Theme- The Soul of Summer Collection

VMR-121-Amehtyst_1The natural flora has served as the muse for art for a long time, bringing them bountiful of inspirations in its many forms and manners. This year, floral theme dominates the spring collection. The galleries across the world are swathed with galore of floral themed jewelry. If you still haven’t caught up to the jewelry trends this year, here are some hints that will help you get your facts straight when you go out shopping this season.

Petal Studs: Petal studs are still around, only this year, you see them in a delightfully wide variety. These petal studs normally use gems in contrasting colors. Some are beset with a center stone and gems of contrasting color around. Others are made more interesting with the alternate use of dual-colored stones to create a vibrant sight. The color gradients make these studs all the more fitting to the season. If you are looking for a burst of color or a nosegay of blooms in your studs, then this makes a good fit. Petal studs have a typical star-like form with prongs with round tips forming the apex of the petals. Their shape makes them versatile to go with any outfit.VMR-125-2_1-230x230

Flowery Pendants: In the pendant section, flowery pieces rule. Flowery pendants of many different designs are spreading the spirit of spring and summer in the galleries. If you are not a fan of colors, find an opal pendant that has colors but are not screamingly vibrant. As for those who do not mind a lot of warm summery colors in their jewelry, pick anything from the colored gem section. Designers have introduced a bulk of flower-theme pendants that feature cheaper alternatives of rare gems to keep the blush alive while charging frugally.

Floral Cuff Bracelets: One of the must-buys this season is a floral cuff bracelet. These pieces are taking the market by storm. Designed with a lot of care and attention for details, most of these bracelets are handcrafted and feature plentiful stones. So, if you are bored of the all-gold bracelets, then here is the perfect excuse to break away from the traditional and take a dip into something exquisite. These bracelets are heavy on designs and that adds the element of intricacy to the pieces. The use of gems is also abundant in the cuffs. So, you may have to pony up a little extra cash on them, but it will all be worth it.

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The 2017 Fall Trends in Fine Jewelry


Fall is nearly here and the fashion industry is all busy readying their stock of fall collection this year. The scenario is no different in the jewelry industry. Designers are all caught up crafting fine jewelry some of which are going to set the trend for this season. Here are some trends that seemed more prominent than others on the runway this season. These pieces are likely to dominate the fall arrival this year and will possibly set the trend for the rest of the year. So, here is what you need to upcycle your collection for the autumn this year. Let’s take a look.

Monogram Jewelry

The first thing that is going to put you right under the spotlight is monogram jewelry. It seems that the makers are now more comfortable with letting their brand image mingle with their creation. At the fall fashion catwalks, models were seen walking wearing monogram jewelry. So, if you are a brand loyalist, now is the time to pick a piece from your favorite jeweler. Logomania on full swing.

White Chandelier Earrings

Another style that is going to fascinate the buyers globally is chandelier earrings. Now chandelier earrings may not exactly be a new thing, but these ones definitely are. Topped with gems and split into tassels at the bottom, white chandelier earrings are going to rule this season. These sparkling pieces are what you want to start saving for. They are the new showstoppers in parties and events.

Neo Bracelets

If you have an eye for neo fashion, then its time to turn your attention to the hand bracelet section for it has plenty of choices to interest you. The autumn collection this year will have loads of neo bracelets. Featuring fancy geometric shapes and embodying inventive concepts, these pieces will simply blow your mind in just one glance. They are cool and feminine, delicate and petite and everything that hand bracelets can be.

Mystic Pendants

Mystic pendants dominated the fall collection preview this year. Mystic pendants are vintage ornaments imported from a different century. These are pendants crafted to mirror a mystic symbol. These symbols are ancient and are extracts from runic texts and other manuscripts. By the looks of it, the jewelers this time have turned to the past and forgotten to gain some inspirations for their work. The results are however fascinating beyond doubt.

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D to Z Diamond Colors


Few diamonds are completely colorless, and those with a strong tinge are rarer still. Most diamonds fall under a range of subtle hues. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) places these diamonds on a scale of D to Z, with D being the lightest and Z being the most visibly tinted. While no one color is better than another, some grades are more in demand than others, making clear grading important.

Initial diamond color grading was subjective. Terms such as “Jager” and “Top Cape” were used, though it wasn’t clear to customers what these phrases indicated. Adding to the complications was that one vendor’s idea of “Jager” may be another’s “Top Cape.” While later dealers used alphabetical scales to name diamond color, terms for the lightest hues varied between sellers, such as “A” or “AAA.”

When GIA developed its color scale, “D” was chosen for its lightest color for several reasons. One of the major ideas was to distance GIA’s scale from others that used “A” or variations thereof, making GIA’s grading distinct. “D” was also chosen because the letter was perceived to have different connotations of quality than “A,” reducing the likelihood that “D” would be misused.

Multiple hues can tint diamonds. Most D-Z diamonds have hints of brown or yellow, due to trace elements or naturally occurring radiation. A few D-Z stones may have faint amounts of other colors, but these tend to be very subtle, such as a greyish J color diamond or a pinkish F stone. If their hues were more concentrated, they receive color grades from other metrics.

GIA grades diamond color with the help of neutral backgrounds for the jewels, controlled lighting and masterstones. These diamonds represent the lightest possible hue for a given color grade. A set consists of a minimum of three masterstones across the D-Z range, running from colorless to yellow. As masterstones measure depth of color, they’re still used to grade brown, grey and other jewels. The masterstones should be cleaned regularly to prevent dust from influencing grading and examined for possible damage that may impact grades.

Diamond color is one of the major traits GIA examines when grading diamonds. The left side of the certificate lists the grades and other traits of the stone, including its hue. On the rightmost side of the certificate are various scales outlining the different grades, including the D-Z color range. This allows those reading the report to better determine where the jewel’s grade sits on the color scale.

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Crisscut Diamonds: A Novelty in the Market


The shine and luster of a diamond depends on its 4 Cs. The cut is one of the four defining factors. Now, it’s not always possible to afford the top quality stones, but getting the right cut is always a realistic goal. The kinds of cuts have multiplied and modified over time, what with lapidaries inventing and exercising new ways of enhancing the shimmer of a diamond. While round, princess, asscher and other brilliant cuts have enjoyed their era of fame and glory in the market, the industry is currently admiring a very recently developed cut named crisscut. Patented by the iconic name Christopher Designs, this one caught the wind like no other.

Crisscut through a Jeweler’s Loupe

Crisscut is the newest cut in the market. But, unlike most others, this one has a catch. Crisscut can shape a diamond to any established cut in the industry. That might be a little confusing to grasp, but nevertheless, it stands by its flattering possibility. For Crisscut, the lapidaries chip the diamond to a rather flat shape. This has one obvious advantage. The flatter the stone is, the larger it appears. However, the cut does not need a bigger carat stone. Now, after the illusion of breadth is achieved, the jewelers work to cut out the facets. A Crisscut diamond normally has about twice the number of facets as other cuts. That gives the stone better reflection and refraction, causing it to shine brighter.

Differences in Facet Count

Speaking of the sides, Crisscut diamonds are far ahead of others in the race. Even the brilliant cut diamonds cannot compete with the shine of these ones. A comparative analogy will confirm this. Statistically, the more number of facets a stone has, the shinier it appears. Light beams from different directions hit the facet tables reflecting and refracting at different angles thus playing up its brilliance. Now, that is regardless of the kind of stone it is. The difference in the number of cuts between Crisscut and others is staggering.

An emerald cut which has the advantage of largeness ordinarily has 46 cuts, while an emerald crisscut has 77. The difference is equally striking for cushion and round cuts and their crosscut equivalents. Both the cuts have 58 sides, while in latter, they have 77 and 121, respectively. So, you can imagine the kind of difference the numbers can make.

Value Comparison

Quite surprisingly, the value of Crisscut diamonds is approximately the half of regular cut stones. First of all, what contributes to the drop is the fact that Crisscut diamonds are flatter and hence lighter. Since the jewelers have managed to double the brilliance in a much smaller stone while making it appear almost as big as a chunky diamond, the prices have been tackled smartly too.

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Class Ring: A Crest For The Group


People through generations have the propensity to form fraternities over common causes and thoughts. Think of the secret societies throughout the history of early Europe. Some existed for science, others for national security. In modern times, the nature of fraternities is less secretive. The Sigma Tau college fraternity, the biker boys sodality and what not, they all exist for their faiths. Curiously, all of these brotherhoods since their start have one thing in common, a signature jewelry that signify their affiliation to the community. And now, high school students in the 21st century like to have their own collective identity and class rings make the artefact.

What Are Class Rings 

Class rings usually have bold designs with use of big center stones, sometimes accompanied with accent stones on the sides. In other cases, they have plain bands with gemstones integrated along the circle. However, what’s significant about these rings is the engravings. For educational institutions, they bear the names of school, college or university with the batch year. In special cases, students under a particular house like to have their own emblem and that is when they add the names of their houses to the rings.

The Designs

An assortment of designs loads this section of the shelf. The market is presently opulent with choices in class rings. Most designs use big to small colored gemstones in bezel or round settings. Accent stones are often used where there is room for more embellishments. The band of the ring is usually where the engravings are done. Sometimes, all the three external sides are used to do the letterings. Class rings are hardly ever subtle. They are supposed to scream out your association and your community and that’s what the designers aim at doing.

Craft Your Own Class Ring

The rings are customized to fit your class’s details, your community’s values and more. You can craft a design for your ring online. It doesn’t require you to be an expert designer. It is okay even if you haven’t done this before. Select the right size, specify the precise details of the design from the list, give in some inputs that might perfect the design and mention if you want an antique finish to it. The providers work on the details, play up the finesse and polish the ring to the finish as you want. Also, feel free to mention the kind of setting you want for the stone and also your choice of stones.

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The Ideal Method of Selection in a Jewelry Store


Most women have faced the problem of choosing one from many when shopping for jewelry. As it is, ornaments are too tempting to choose and pick. They are designed to precision and crafted to perfection in a way that appeals to the sense of the viewers. While that works in favor of the sellers, it addles the minds of most customers who find themselves going back and forth between two or more pieces, often leading them to leave the store without purchasing more than planned or none. Here is a thing about choices. It does more harm than good, if you are not a decisive person. It’s a drill that claims your time, patience of your accompaniment (particularly husbands) and money, all of that more than you had agreed to spend.

How you avoid making a disastrously expensive purchase or ditch buying at all and cut through the lure and illusion?

Know Your Style

It is not a pre-purchase exercise that you can do overnight. Everybody has a style of their own, and even if you haven’t delved about it before, you must have at least a vague idea about it. That is your guiding star in the adventure of finding the right piece of jewelry from a sea of incredibly beautiful jewels. Not all of them are your style. You have to sail through to find the ones that complement your personality better than the others. So, that will narrow down the choices a bit.

See Only What You Came to See

Getting distracted is pretty easy, especially in a jewelry store. You may lose your direction and lose your heart to a brooch when what you came to buy was a pair of studs. Don’t let that happen, even when the other pieces beckon your attention constantly. It may take a little effort, some practice too, but when you can avoid everything else and focus on your aim, know that you’re on the right path.

Settle for the Better Choice

If you are confused between the two, the easy way out is to pick the one you like best. You can’t like two pieces of jewelry equally. Stop to think which one of the two you like best and pick that without another look back.

Stay Limited to What Looks Best on You

Always pick ornaments that will look good on you than the ones that look great in the display shelf, but not so much when you wear them.

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How Diamond Shopping Can Be Pocket-Saving

JessicaAlbaNecklace-193x300You want to buy a diamond but don’t have enough to spare. If you are wishing that diamonds were available on deals, then you need to learn a couple of shopping tricks that can bring down the diamond shopping expense to the bottom, if you do it right. Yes, there is a way in which diamond shopping can be inexpensive, but it requires selective knowledge and the correct approach. Before we start, here is a basic question for you. What do you think is different between the diamonds sold at up class Tiffany & Co. showrooms and those sold at your neighborhood Costco store? Well, for one, there is quality.

Colors Can Be Unique: If you are not one of them who have a morbid hankering for achromatic diamonds, then that can save you a good deal of money. Diamonds that are graded at the bottom of the scale have slight colors in them. That happens to the presence of other minerals in trace quantity. A diamond is still a diamond if it bears a slight grey hue or a yellow tinge to it. In fact, they may look surprisingly pretty if you have the eyes to appreciate it.

It’s All in the Cuts

Cuts can magically transform really light stones to appear bigger and chunkier. Oval is one of the cuts that is particularly devised to make a flat stone appear longer and wider from its setting. So, if it’s an ornament you are to purchase, look for cuts of stones that will make the stone look bigger without needing to use an actually large stone. Baguette and emerald are examples of two other cuts that have shaped really small stones to larger dimensions.

Clarity Is Overrated

You really don’t want to go into the clarity game when buying diamonds, if you have a limited budget. Ideally, the D FL is the best grade diamond ever known to the world. However, the prices of a D Flawless diamond is exorbitantly high and is not recommended unless you have enough to splurge without a care in the world. If you are man of limited means, make yourself happy with buying something from the SI range or below. These stones have slight inclusions or flaws in them, but that is not for untrained eyes to spot, even from up close. So, whatever size of diamond you choose, stick to the bottom of the scale to keep the price that way too.

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