Caring For You Diamond Ring


Among diamond’s many qualities is its unparalleled hardness. This durability makes it a good choice for rings, where a stone might be subject to repeated impacts. Even with this trait, diamond bands may encounter circumstances which may lead to accidental damage. A few steps may help to keep your diamond ring in excellent condition.

Some diamond cuts such as princess cut diamonds have defined corners. Other shapes, such as pears or hearts, have narrow tips. The thinner a portion of diamond is, the more vulnerable it is to chipping. V shaped prongs, bezel settings and similar mounts have precious metal wrap around the points, protecting them from damage.

Few things can scratch a diamond. Other diamonds are one of them. When storing diamond jewelry, it’s important to make sure pieces don’t rub against one another. Using separate compartments for each piece may help with this. Additional methods to protect jewelry for storage is to place them in separate pouches, or wrapping them in tissue paper.

Over time, a ring’s setting may loosen. Diamonds that were once secure may rub against one another, causing abrasions that diminish their appearance. Checking the stones on your ring from time to time may help prevent inadvertent scratches. Asking your jeweler to inspect your ring and tighten the prongs will provide extra security.

Cleaning your diamond ring is a quick way to improve its brilliance. Some substances, such as soap, may have the opposite effect and leave dulling residue. Ammonia solutions are effective in removing grease and other film, but must be handled carefully for safety reasons. For the cautious, a combination of warm water and mild detergent is also effective.

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