Why Pave Wedding Bands Glitter The Most And Are So Affordable

The pave wedding bands are a combination of two patterns; one is the band style, and another is the pave style. Both fused together creates this unique style of wedding bands which are nowadays getting into the wedding culture and fashion highly. The pave wedding bands are special for many reasons.

What is a pave style?

Paving is the art of fitting a small item with close care and precision, on a hard surface. The paved rings or bands are made with lots of precision, and it takes great craftsmanship to make a band. These are fitted with care, so that the small or tiny diamonds are as close to one another as possible. Lots of calculations involve the fitting and making of a pave band. The metal which will be visible between the two adjacent stones is also made to be visible in as thin a line as possible, so that the two stones placed close together look as if they are kind of fused.  Paving involves the use of small to tiny stones, and is an art form to weave the stones together in a close bonding to form a special look or aura.

Paved bands are budget friendly

Paving actually has brought a great way for the budget buyers to afford diamonds in a small budget. Since paving does not involve a big stone, and only small diamonds are used, the price of the pave wedding bands are lower than rings with a big centre piece diamond. But yet again the shine of the pave bands is often more visible due to the aura created by the series of diamonds. One light ray enters one stone, and it gets trapped by the next adjacent stone while exiting the present stone. This is how a ray of light continuously plays by entering one stone, exiting it, and entering the next stone, and a band of light is formed around the ring.

The recent trend

The recent trend of buying paved bands for wedding is quite rational. You are after all buying a diamond, and then again you are buying at a time numerous diamonds through the one band, but then again are paying an affordable price too. Also, the paved bands create an aura of light, a strange glitter around them which one centre piece diamond will not deliver in that same way. Since the entire band is fitted with diamonds you may get the glitter from any side, hands open or closed.


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