Romance and Diamonds

Romance and diamonds are closely linked. The jewel is associated with love, and used to commemorate engagements, weddings and ongoing marriages. The concept can also invoke ideas of adventure, mysteries and other possibility. Both forms of romance can help make diamonds all the more special to their wearer.

One of the most celebrated intersections of diamonds and love is the engagement ring. They first debuted in 1477, with the hardness of the diamond symbolizing the enduring love between the couple. Over the centuries, as the jewel became more available, diamond engagement rings spread in popularity. Heavy promotion during the mid-20th century reminded the public of the connection between the gemstone and love, keeping diamond engagement rings widespread.

Today the romantic connotations associated with diamond engagement rings have also touch wedding and anniversary rings. One popular design is a matching set for diamond engagement and wedding rings, showing how tightly connected the two events are. Three stone diamond rings are also commonly worn, symbolizing the past, present and future of a couple. Diamond eternity bands are often exchanged as anniversary rings, the circle of small diamonds representing an enduring relationship.

Another form of romance might occur at the jewelry store. The connection between love and diamonds may be emphasized, but so might other qualities. A connoisseur who likes to travel may likely be drawn to a design that invokes faraway places, or memories of a special trip. Someone who enjoys nights out may find the thought of diamonds glittering by candlelight appealing.

Romance can also involve invoking the diamond’s journey. The jewels are often mined in distant countries, and may travel great lengths for cutting, and journey still more to be set in jewelry. Describing where the gemstones are mined, such as the far north, the ocean or elsewhere can invoke similar senses of wonder. Thinking of what the diamond experienced from mine to market evokes the romance of adventure.


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