Can Diamonds Be Cheap, Yet of Quality?


With diamonds being the favorite of girls around the world, there is no way that you would dismiss the idea of owning a few yourself. On the face of that learning, the question that looms large is, is there anything as cheap and best in diamond? Well, not quite exactly that, but a little adjustment can get you a rock size diamond for the price for a small pearl. It is not for a bargain to get the price truncated by the greater half. Nor is it in the research of finding one diamond merchant that illegally smuggles blood diamonds across borders and sell them for peanuts profits. Finding diamonds that are inexpensive, yet quality, takes nothing of those extreme measures. Instead, you can procure them from a regular store without articulating even an intent for haggling.

Mind the Cut

The cut of a diamond is the first thing that adds to or lessens from the final price of a stone. So, be very careful in picking a cut, if keeping inside a shoestring budget is your primary concern. You will have to go around the round or princess cut diamonds section if you do not want to drive your budget to hell. Stick to cuts like emerald, oval, cushion, baguette, etc. Relatively new and striking, these cuts do not normally require a chunky stone to make it massy.

A Little Color is Interesting

The hypnotic pull towards colorless diamonds has caused many to overstep their margins. If you do not want to follow those before you, then stick to the colored side of the scale. The stones at the lower end of the line bear a hint of brown, grey or even yellow. If you can shrug off the bias for a minute, you will find these colored stones equally striking as achromatic diamonds.

Clarity No Matter

Frankly, the clarity aspect of diamonds is plain overrated. It takes 10 times magnification to find out the finest distinctions between Very Very Slightly Included and Very Slightly Included. At least to the eyeballs that will follow you around would not know which side of the scale your large diamond pendant came from. So, cribbing about clarity is just useless unless you wish to invest in an asset that you will want to sell off later for a greater price.

And yet, none of these compromises will send you down the rocky road of a poor purchase.

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