Wear Heart Earrings To Declare That You Are In Love


Diamonds are definitely forever for a woman who aspires to get a ring on her finger soon. However, nothing beats the unique heart shaped diamond that spells LOVE. Although engagement rings fashioned out of this beautiful shape of diamond is more commonplace, there is nothing to beat the heart earrings either.

So, go ahead and gift yourself or your loved one a magnificent pair of earrings that will have dazzling hearts showcased on your petite ear lobes. Remember to check the symmetry of the diamonds though for the earrings will look out of place, if either of the pair is even slightly askew. While the diamond experts suggest buying heart diamonds that are more than 0.50 carats in weight so as the shape is depicted more clearly, your budget may feel the brunt of it when you check the price. Remember that a heart shaped diamond that is smaller than the recommended weight will look as brilliant as a bigger one on your ears when you choose a three prong or bezel setting.

The selection of metal will also bring out the inner fire of this modified brilliant diamond perfectly.  You are well advised to opt for rose gold, if it is a gift for your sweet heart. The metal together with the shape of the earrings will make your love quite obvious. The cold, white platinum would be ideal as the base metal for your heart earrings otherwise though. The glitter and brilliance will completely help you to look glam and you need not bother to wear any other jewelry to go with it.

While studs happen to be most popular when it comes down to diamond earrings especially the heart shaped ones for an understated classic look that adds to your sophistication, you can go for a pair of tiny hoops with heart diamonds should you have to wear earrings for a dawn to dusk event.

Go out with the love of your life wearing a pair of studs that has a solitary heart diamond ensconced. It will certainly help you to feel overtly romantic and beautifully feminine. Bring out the bold you by sporting drop earrings where the heart diamond dangles enticingly from your ears. It is bound to catch the attention of people around making you the talk of the town in a positive way.

The colors of a heart diamond range from cold to colorless to the warmer hues. Experts advise a pair of earrings in the D-F range as the most ideal option when you have a pair of hearts to show off.

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