Why You Need To Go For Certified Diamonds

122A quick search will tell you the big price difference existing between a certified loose diamond and a non-certified one. You could tell yourself that why should it matter that a diamond is certified because a diamond is a diamond after all right? You cannot be more wrong! When investing in a diamond, it usually involves considerable money and money which you have probably saved up for a long time. So what if you’re hard earned money is being invested into something which is worth only a fifth of its true value? It does bring frustration and a feeling of being cheated. This is where certified diamonds are a better choice.

When diamonds are certified by third party bodies and not by the sellers there is no conflict of interest. When a seller issues a certificate for a diamond you may never be sure whether the technical sheet is true and fair or the seller has just highlighted the best aspect of the diamond in question while hiding the negative points. There are some fraudulent jewelers out there who are just after your money and trust me they are very convincing at pointing out how much you are getting a good deal with them. Do not be a naive buyer when investing in diamonds and demand a certified diamond. A quick math will tell you that even if you need to pay a fee for the certification, still you will be in profit from over-priced diamonds. The way these fraudulent jewelers work is by treating or enhancing diamonds to hide fractures, inclusions or even excessive yellow coloration and they will hide these facts from a potential buyer and try to pass their diamonds as genuine ones at higher prices. GIA certified diamonds are a good thing for both buyers and sellers alike since it clears out any doubt in the mind of the buyer and also conserves the integrity of the seller.

So who are the bodies who assess the diamonds and what do they actually do?

There have been many certification agencies over the years but the ones who have passed the test of time for their integrity, quality in terms of service are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), HRD, International Gemological Institute (IGI) and American Gemological Society (AGS). Their certificates differ from each other for the simple reason that they need to set themselves apart in the industry from each other by providing different names of their valuations.


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