Different Options for Wedding Bands

Diamonds wedding bands would always stay in fashion and the options are increasing with time. For both men and women, there are small pave, micro pave to large round brilliant cut diamonds wedding bands available which are simply adorable and elegant. In fact, with the introduction of color, the available options simply went up. From the popular icy crystal, to the pale blue hue and the light pink diamonds, every ring can have multiple styles now, thanks to the shades of diamonds. This is why you should weigh all your options before the symbol of marriage is finally chosen.


A matched set is always a good choice when choosing a diamond wedding ring. These are available as single bands with solitaire setting, diamonds of contrasting colors setting and flush set baguettes. These rings are simple and elegant and are worn either alone or in tandem with a matching engagement ring. For pave setting, the antique look is popular while for modern designs, the band can be narrow, wide or something in between.


Due to easy availability, diamond rings can be found in almost every locker. Some are engagement rings while others are dress rings, dinner rings or cocktail rings. Dinner and cocktail rings can have a large solitaire of pear, emerald or princess cut diamond or a set of multiple smaller diamonds. These rings are made large in proportion as they are there to be flaunted. An engagement ring is somewhat simpler and it might have a solitaire with a large round cut diamond or pave wedding bands with multiple smaller stones accentuating the beauty of a larger center stone. Using precious metals as the base metal of diamond rings also enhances the beauty of any diamond ring.


Platinum is perhaps the most effective way of enhancing the beauty of diamond rings. Platinum diamond rings are available in multiple designs and styles. You can choose a gorgeous solitaire with craftily carved basket weave bands or you can choose openwork rings with the stones strategically placed in the grooves. Beautifully crafted platinum rings with big and ornamental prong setting or the smooth band setting to hold an emerald cut diamond in place would enhance the contract between precious metal and the diamond. This would create a ring which you would be proud of, for a lifetime, as this ring, hopefully, is to stay with you for your lifetime, in all probability.


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