Radiant Cut Combines Two Best Cuts

11140085_1061677963903162_2649343374306313914_nRadiant cut is an interesting cut for diamonds. Radiant cut diamonds are much like hybrid cut diamonds. It is not hybrid due to a mix in the original stone itself; it is hybrid because this cut combines multiple features from different prominent cuts, brilliance from the round brilliant cut, beauty of Emerald cut and the stone usage efficiency of Asscher cut.

Square shaped diamonds are generally less brilliant than the round cut diamonds and they tend to conceal the inclusions and flaws of the stone inefficiently. However, square shaped diamonds look much more elegant and carries more charm, compared to the round diamonds.

The radiant cut takes care of both of these factors. It has the brilliance factor of the round cut diamonds, the cropped corners and beauty of Emerald cut and the perfect rectangular or square shape. However, despite the similarities with Emerald or Asscher cut, the facets of emerald cut diamonds are not trim or long. This is an advantage actually as long and trim facets can’t hide flaws. Radiant cut has a radiance about the facets. It looks like a chipped ice, in fact, and the flashes are omnidirectional and fiery.

In other words, you are getting the beauty and elegance of an Emerald cut diamond while getting the brilliance you expect from a round cut diamond, generally.

VMEN-536-A_1-230x230Like it is the case with other diamonds, the beauty of any stone is in the eyes of the beholder. Some prefer a more squarish radiant cut stone while some prefer the rectangular shape more. Thankfully, both are commonly available and you need to choose a length to width ratio of your choice. However, From 1 to 1.2, the stone displays the maximum charm. However, you can decide about that yourself. It is a personal choice and thus, there is no ideal ratio.

Radiant cut diamonds have more depth than any other cut but thankfully, this doesn’t affect the beauty or the brilliance of the stone negatively. In other cuts, a greater depth causes a leakage of light which is not the case with radiant cut. The faceted facets of this cut reflects every light back and round which helps in avoiding the leakage of light. There are other square shaped diamonds which have long and open facets and it leads to leakage of light when the depth is more. However, this is not an issue with radiant cut diamonds.


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