Different Loose Diamonds You Can Choose From

Availability of loose diamonds has changed how the industry functions and how it operates. The availability has given the consumers a freedom and power which they didn’t know before. Now the buyers can design and build the ornaments they dream instead of getting stuck with the already built diamond jewelry from the big brands. They can now find ways to combine different elements of the jewelry themselves and ask the jewelers to make those. This has also made diamond jewelry comparatively cheaper as loose diamonds tend to be cheaper than the preset ones. In summary, loose diamonds are the best way to go about for your diamond jewelry.

However, many readers might not know much about loose diamonds and so we decided to compile a list of different loose diamonds available in the market. 4Cs, carat weight, clarity, cut and color determine the final price for each diamond and different diamonds are suitable for different diamonds. You can use this guide as your stepping stone while purchasing loose diamonds.

Round brilliant cut is the most common type of diamond in the market. These diamonds are great for solitaire rings and pendants. They are often set on a four-prong setting and the brilliance and dazzle of this cut is usually magnificent.

Marquise diamonds are great for cocktail rings or as the center stone for necklaces. This cut was inspired from the smile of Marquise de Pompadour and it has the shape of an elongated oval with pointed ends. These diamonds are generally of bigger sizes and often are used in extravagant designs.

Pear loose diamonds are certainly the most elegant and sophisticated among all these cuts. These diamonds are of the shape of a teardrop and are often called the same as well. This is a hybrid of the round brilliant cut and the Marquise cut and carries the better features of both these cuts. While they are great for pendants and earrings, they are also great for rings, bracelets and necklaces. They can be used to create some unique designs and thus, are often preferred by people who love uniqueness over extravaganza.

Emerald cut diamonds are actually square cut diamonds with cropped corners. This design was originally invented for emeralds but they were imported to diamond cutting as well due to their popularity. They are often used in rings but can be used in other settings as well. These diamonds have long lines and broad sides to reflect the light amply.


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