Different Choices for Diamond Engagement Rings

Everybody understands the language of diamond engagement rings and thus, most of the people present diamond engagement rings to their would be wife. The ring sends out the message of love and unity towards each other. These rings convey the message so perfectly that you don’t need to say even a word to your beloved. While some people would like to go for unique and unusual designs, most of the would be husbands prefer the traditional rings which are aesthetically pleasant and have eternal appeal.

People love the solitaire rings due to the exceptional look it has. Majority of the people buy these rings and present them as the engagement gift. Diamonds are equally preferred as the adorning stone on these rings as they are the costliest stones as well as they are the rarest stones on earth. These diamonds make the wearer feel confident and loved, the two exact feelings which you want her to feel.

Diamonds are judged using the 4Cs, carat weight, color, cut and clarity. Carat weight defines how big the diamond is and obviously, the bigger the diamond is, the costlier it is. Diamonds are also judged based on the clarity factor. If a diamond has no impurities, called inclusions, and has no flaw like an air bubble, it is considered to be of the highest quality. However, a flawless diamond is very rare and there are some ring settings which can easily hide minor flaws. The color of the diamond is judged on different grading. For the popular colorless diamonds, D,E and F are the three types while for the colored variations, here are 8 different grades from S to Z. Finally, the cut defines the price as some cuts are trickier and different cuts utilizes different percentage of the original stone.

There are different options available for the main body as well. The common perception is that diamonds must be accompanied by yellow gold. While yellow gold is the most preferred metal, there are other options available as well. One can go for white gold, platinum or even some modern metals like titanium. Silver is an option as well but due to the pale color, the contrasting effect is lost.

Whatever design you choose, whether you purchase loose diamonds or set jewelry, always ensure that you are buying those from a reputed jeweler as the ring would be costly anyway. Ask for the diamond certificate as well, preferably issued by the GIA.


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