Designer Engagement Rings Are Not As Costly As You Think

Everyone fancies a designer engagement ring. The word ‘designer’ brings elements of mystery, opulence, craftsmanship, romance and exclusivity into any ring.

Most of us would, however, think of the price tag, as the next thing, and would not press forward with the idea, considering it might be too over the top for their budget. However, everyone feels intrigued and an irresistible urge to own one of those.

There are many brands always known for their unique designer engagement rings. There can always be an elaborate Leon Popov butterfly ring and then there is the simply charming platinum and diamond Tacori ring and the elegant Danhov is always enticing.

Just like we often commission a portrait or a painting, we want a designer for our ring who can bring all the emotions we have for our partners alive on the surface of the ring. We want the ring to immediately connect two souls and frame a bond among two lovers, with the ring symbolizing it. This is not achieved by the engagement rings which are readily available, off the rack.

Any Haute Couture, including a designer engagement ring, should always be unique and exclusive to you. While buying the ready-made rings from the jewelers is always possible, an engagement ring should be something which is special to the wearer.

Many celebrities did it, including Joel Madden and Nicole Ritchie. Designing the ring for yourself has become a more commonplace trend nowadays. As there are more places where we can design our rings, sitting along with a designer, we can easily design a ring which is inspired by your own thoughts.

If you love a certain ring but need a ruby instead of a diamond or you love the design of a big brand but can’t afford the price, then designing your ring is the way to go. You can design your own version of those rings very simply.

If you have just visited your local jeweler, you might think you don’t have much choice when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Generally, they will show you different variations of solitaire, a single diamond stone, set on a precious metal like gold, yellow gold or platinum. However, internet is the way to go as it would give you lots of option to design your own ring. You can easily choose the stone, the metal and of course, the design to create the ideal ring for yourself.


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