Give Her a Diamond Engagement Ring

For hundreds of year, diamond and diamond rings have been considered to be a symbol of love. It also denotes commitment for a long relationship, timeless romance, affection and security. When a diamond is gifted to a woman, especially as a diamond engagement ring, you are conveying all you want to say. It will instantly tell her how much you care for her. It will signify your love in the best possible way.

There are different variations of diamond rings and you can find them all on online jewellery store. These diamonds and the rings come in different shape, size and style. While using other precious stones is an option, using diamond on an engagement ring is considered to the best due to the value and the longevity of the stone. Wearing diamonds can also bring some grace and style to the wearer. These reasons have made diamond an absolute favourite for people. Designer diamond rings, diamond solitaire rings and diamond studded rings are great gift for couples in love.

Of all these variations, a solitaire ring is considered to be the best symbol of love. Solitaire diamonds are set on top of a ring using 4 or 8 prongs. The body of the metal can be made in platinum, gold or white gold. Platinum is the favourite choice here as platinum tends to make the diamond more visible in the ring.

Then there is the past, present, future ring; a ring which is considered to be equally apt for engagement due to the attractiveness and the romance which it conveys. The ring defines love as an eternal feeling which was present in the past, is present and will be present in the future. There are three diamond stones in this type of rings and each of them signify a different time frame of life. There is a large diamond in the centre which denotes the present while two other diamond on both sides represent past and the future. This ring looks very elegant on the finger and they go well with working women.

There are other types of diamond rings as well which you can find online and locally and choose according to your budget and the taste of your beloved. So, don’t wait. If you are seriously planning to take the vow anytime soon, finding a diamond ring might be the first logical step. After all, diamonds are forever.


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