Princess Cut Diamond Rings Are Way More Affordable

Princess cut diamond rings are all over the place nowadays. And why not! This cut is ideal for people who love the sparkle and brilliance of the traditional round cut but loves the shape of the modern step cut. While a round brilliant cut based solitaire ring is the most popular ring even now, princess cut rings are catching up and catching up really fast.


Many people are uncomfortable of presenting a solitaire round brilliant cut diamond ring and are opting for modern cuts like Asscher cut, princess cut and emerald cut. Some of these cuts are purely step cut which some of them are hybrid cut, like the princess cut and take advantage of both cutting styles. While princess cut creates spectacular solitaire diamond ring, they also work great as centre stones and create perfect engagement rings. They can be combined with other smaller accentuating stones easily to multiply their beauty. They look great on almost every precious metal, including gold, silver, white gold or platinum. However, most people avoid silver while buying diamond rings.

Since the princess cut is a relatively new cut, they are not as popular as the round cut cousins and this leads to a lower price of the stone itself. In the simplest form, they are a perfect hybrid of the round brilliant cut and the step cut like cushion cut.

Another reason behind the comparatively low price of the stones is that they use a high percentage of the original stone. While in round brilliant cut, only50% of the original stone’s body is used, in princess cut almost 80% of the whole body of the original stone is utilised. This leads to almost 150% more resource utilisation and thus, consequentially, a much lower cost.

Moreover, the mixed style of this stone gives the jewelers and the cutters a better opportunity of hiding the natural flaws and imperfections. This is why these stone cut is cheaper compared to the round cut where the flaws are difficult to hide. If the diamond is affixed cleverly on the ring, the flaws will be totally hidden and you can get a flawless princess cut diamond ring at a very low price.

Don’t forget the metal part of the ring either as they can accentuate the beauty of the stone as well. You can choose a solitaire or go for own unique design. Whatever is your choice, princess cut gives you a viable option of gifting the significant other a gorgeous diamond ring within your budget.


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