Cushion Cut Diamonds Are Great For Investment

13043804_1068918676512424_9009225272762571186_nWhile the round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut, there are other old and popular cuts as well. Cushion cut is one such cut. This is one of the oldest surviving cuts and they are graded using the same criteria as well. However, the unique features of this cut means that you need to know the peculiarities of this cut before purchasing this.

Cushion cut is as old as 300 years and thus, this is easily one of the oldest cuts to attract people to diamond. The name tells us about the cut and the shape of this diamond is roundish and like a cushion. They are also called pillow cut, for the obvious reason. Cushion cut has rounded corners and very large facets. These lead to increased brilliance and accentuate the natural beauty of a diamond.

Cushion cut is the father of the more popular round brilliant cut, the most popular of all diamond cuts nowadays. The tools to create perfect round cut didn’t exist 300 years ago and thus, the cushion cut is the closest alternative to round cut. As this cut closely resembles a round cut, the brilliance and clarity of the stone in this cut is equivalent to those of round cut. Cushion cut diamond is rounded rectangle or rounded square in shape and the length to width ratio varies between 1:1 to 4:3. 11140085_1061677963903162_2649343374306313914_n

You must understand that the ‘cut’ in cushion cut doesn’t refer to the cut rating on diamond certificates. Cushion cut refers to a particular cut of diamond only while the cut rating refers to the quality of cutting which has been done.

Cushion cut, in its original form, is not as brilliant as some other modern cuts. For this reason, they don’t appeal much to the modern buyers who want a very dazzling and sparkling diamond. At the same time, a high quality cushion cut diamond is cherished by collectors for their unique features and this makes the price rather high for cushion cut diamonds. If you are planning to buy a cushion cut diamond for investment purposes, you can surely buy cushion cut.

There are certain important factors regarding the appearance of Pear cut diamonds which manipulate the value of the stone. They lower brilliance factor of cushion cut means that you should not buy a stone with cut grade lower than good as anything with a lower grade will result in a very dull diamond.


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