Know Your Princess Cut Diamond

dd9f5-vmen-1-s_1-230x230If you have visited a diamond showroom, you have, in all probability, seen a princess cut diamond. It is one of the popular shapes which is available today.

As the case is with other variations, while purchasing the princess cut, one should take a few factors into account. If you know what to look for, while purchasing the diamond, you can make an informed decision. This way, you can get the most value for your money as well.

Princess cut diamond is one of the newer cuts of diamond, introduced by A Nagy of London, in the 1960s. Princess cut is a hybrid cut which means it carries the characteristics of the round brilliant cut as well as the step cut. Some other popular step cut diamonds are emerald cut and Asscher cut.

Princess cut diamonds have pointed corners which jut out slightly from the main body. The facets have unique alignment and are almost identical to round brilliant cut. This means that the princess cut diamonds have the same dazzle and brilliance which make the round brilliant cut so popular. VMEN-1-H_1-230x230

Like most square or rectangular cuts of diamond, the princess cut can vary in dimensions. However, the variation for princess cut is not as wide as some other popular cuts. Most of the princess cut diamonds are square in shape. In other words, the width to length ratio is set at 1:1. However, this ratio can be 5:6 in favour of the length which gives the stone a rectangular shape.

Although princess cut is mostly square in shape, it differs from other square cuts like emerald and Escher cuts. The princess cut has small facets which is more like the round brilliant cut. This means that the clarity of princess cut diamond is not accentuated, unlike most other step cut diamonds. Therefore, when purchasing princess cut diamonds, one can go for lower clarity rating diamonds. Also, while the length to width ratio is very important for some other cuts, the princess cut is equally attractive in square or rectangular shapes.

In short, princess cut diamonds combine the dazzle and brilliance of round brilliant cut and the style statement of step cut diamonds. This is why the princess cut is so popular and is often considered to be a very fashionable cut. Most jewellers carry princess cut diamonds and it is the second highest selling diamond cut after round brilliant cut.


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