Why Diamond Certificates Are Important

122A certified diamond is a tested, graded and examined diamond. These tests are done by independent and fully trained gemologists who, then, issue a certificate for each stone they test. So, in other words, a certificate is nothing but the proof of genuineness of any diamond.

11140085_1061677963903162_2649343374306313914_nA certificate of a diamond is also called a diamond dossier or a diamond grading report. In the certificate, one can find the exact weight and the measurement of the diamond, as well as the details regarding the symmetry, proportion and quality. It points out every information about the stone including the flaws.

When buying a loose diamond, it is very important that you insist for a certified diamond. You can simply tally the different certificates of the diamond to compare which stone has better weight, measurement and quality to judge which is the superior diamond. Thus, diamond certificates enable you to make more informed choices when you are out to buy a loose diamond for any purpose.

fb98a-12985367_1064277960309829_8929353526539859362_nA diamond certificate keeps the consumers safe from fraud, increases the confidence during the buying process and also makes him or her comfortable about spending the money. Before buying the diamond, one should examine the certificate as this is the only written assurance you have about the quality, measurement and the value of the diamond.

A diamond certificate is an elaborate document which certifies the quality of the diamond’s details, including the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. All of these facts are examined and certified by an independent reviewer who doesn’t have any conflict of interests with the seller or the buyer.

13419036_1102821626455462_5555979745544391388_nThe true value of a diamond can be judged when it is pitted against other diamonds. If the diamond is not appealing to your naked eyes, you certainly wouldn’t want to purchase it. This is a very personal preference and different people place different weight to different aspects of a stone. That is why, perhaps, there are so many different cuts of diamonds as well. All the data on the certificate mean nothing if the diamond is simply not appealing.

Many jewelers and diamond sellers use terms like ideal, Belgium cut, Russian cut, hearts and arrow, fine make and more to convey the superiority of the diamond. Take these claims with a pinch of salt as they mean nothing, empirically. Unless the diamond has been verified, tested and certified by any third party examiner, you should not purchase the diamond, despite of the claims of the seller.


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