Different Loose Diamond Shapes And Types

13062148_1069716143099344_6155620905896186055_nDiamond, especially loose diamonds, are available everywhere. However, the price of any loose diamond is determined by the shape of the diamond, among other factors. They are classified into different grades depending on their shape, colour, clarity and cut. Let’s know about a few popular cuts.

Round diamonds are the most popular ones. They are traditional favourite for engagement rings. They need four prong support to sit on top of a ring. The top of a diamond is called crown, the base is called pavilion and the middle part is called girdle. Round stones have no less than 58 facets and they are known for their dazzle and brilliance.

Marquise cut is inspired by the smile of Marquise de Pompadour’s smile and the cut looks like an elongated oval shape with pointed ends. On elaborate necklaces and cocktail rings, this type of diamonds look great.

28072-vmen-539-a_1-230x2301Pear shaped diamonds is often called tear drop diamonds as the shape closely mimic the look of a tear drop. It can be worn with the pointed tip upwards or downwards, depending on personal choice. When the tip is facing upwards, the brilliance and dazzle of the diamond is the most. This cut is often considered to be the best combination of round and marquise shape.

When choosing a romantic gift, there is nothing better than a heart shaped diamond, Technically, this is also a pear shape diamond, but with a cleft on the top. This cut needs expert cutting and the dazzle of the stone is hugely dependent on the cutting. In bracelets, rings and pendants, heart shaped loose diamonds look great. When buying these stones, check if the width and the length of the stone is equal or not. They make great gift for the Valentine’s day and sit pretty on top of a ring.

dd9f5-vmen-1-s_1-230x230Emerald cut diamonds are cut rectangularly and have trimmed corners. Obviously, they have long and unbroken lines on the edge and have broad flashes of light. Originally, this cut was developed for emeralds but the popularity of the cut made jewellers to quickly use the cut on diamonds as well.

Princess cut is one of the newest cuts and it is a hybrid cut which has the brilliance of the round cut and the durability of the square cut. Make sure that the edges of a princess cut diamond is well protected as they are the most dent-prone areas.


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