Make Your Engagements Special With A Heart Engagement Ring

A defining moment in the life of an individual is when he/she takes the decision to spend the rest of his/her life with that special someone. Then comes the emotion-filled proposal and what could possibly immortalize this entire exciting and emotional event? The engagement ring if course! On seeing that sparkling piece of jeweler, there is an instant recognition of what’s happening on the face of the fiancée. The engagement ring will stay forever and will be a constant reminder to both parties of their unconditional love for each other. Most importantly in times of hardships, it will provide them with a glimpse of why they chose each other. The universal symbol for love of a heart and the go to rings for most young in-love couples are the heart engagement rings. But while the search for the perfect engagement ring is exciting, it is also cautioned to proceed systematically. It is important to know what to look for and how to find the best one.

There are specific technical aspects of a heart shaped engagement ring which a buyer should definitely be aware of in order to assess the quality of the diamond. Professionals will instantly notice that the heart shape diamond is quite similar to the pear shape for the difference that there is an incision on the center-top of its surface. The heart shape needs the dexterity as well as the precision of an experienced cutter for it is him who will define the beauty of the diamond. In order to bring out maximum brilliance out of that cut, the average number of facets it usually has is around 60 with some having lower facets which is commonly known as pavilion from 4 to 8.

An expert tip to analyze the Pear Loose diamond is to see its proportion. The best cut ones have almost 1:1 proportion for length and width. This proportion will enable the maximum amount of light to shine through your gem. Depending on what a buyer wants, a stone can also be cut a little longer but make sure this is really what you want since it will have an impact on the amount of radiance and sparkle of the diamond. The ideal brilliance should be minimum color of G and clarity of SI1. But all these technical things should not compromise the taste of the couple and ensure that both are pleased with the end product.


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