Define Your Love Story With Gold Wedding Bands

Wedding bands symbolize the union of two lives, two lovers and two individuals. While choosing your wedding band or the one for your partner, bear in mind that it should reflect both your own personality as well as your significant other. There is nothing more meaningful than gold wedding bands which symbolize the union of two lovers. The choice of the perfect wedding band which you will wear for a lifetime varies from couple to couple. Some want their rings to be a show-stopper while some would rather the simple but meaningful round band.

13062148_1069716143099344_6155620905896186055_nChoosing the right wedding band can be stressful but following these simple guidelines will make your choice much easier. The first decision would be the color of the gold. Contrary to popular beliefs, gold is not only yellow and in fact it comes in varying tones from white to pink. If you want to remain in the purity theme, then go for the yellow gold since this is the only pure gold whereas pink and white are mixed with alloys. A new trend taking over the ring market recently is the two-tone ring. These are ideal for daily wear since they give out that casual chic vibe. Now if you want the white ring, there are aspects which are important for you to consider. Firstly you need to understand that white gold is not only gold but in fact gold combined with white metal for example silver or palladium. Secondly make sure that it has rhodium coating for that shiny look. Rose gold contains copper and the more copper content it has, the more reddish shade it will be.

12190053_953992564671703_4177321355515941311_nAnother important aspect of choosing the right gold wedding band is the thickness. As a general rule, the groom’s ring should normally be thicker and wider than the bride’s. But if you ask me, I will say go for the thickness you prefer. Sometimes the bride would want a ring which will make a statement and that tends to be thicker and wider than the groom’s. And grooms sometimes would prefer a less conspicuous ring for daily wear. Consult with your partner to know exactly how thick and wide they would want their ring to be and choose accordingly.

VMR_148Amethyst_1_1st_org_sNow that both the color and thickness has been agreed upon, it is time to choose the stones which will go with it. If you want that classic wedding band, then there is no need to embellish it more with stones. For those who care for symbolisms in jewels then it is interesting to know the meaning behind 3 stone rings. Three stone rings are believed to represent the past, the present and the future and the three most common stones accompanying the wedding band are diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Men would usually opt for the more sober sapphire or the black diamonds. Adding stones are as per your taste and you could make it as eye catchy or as innocent looking as you want. Another twist which you could look into is engravings. You can tailor make your own special message or date and engrave it on your wedding band. The engravings could be on the outer side or the inner side of the band depending on your taste.


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