Why Round Brilliant Cut Is So Popular

13043804_1068918676512424_9009225272762571186_nRound brilliant is a very old cut which is in existence from the late 17th century although the cut evolved and changed names over the years.  Round brilliant refers to a particular cut which results in the most amazing brilliance and the highest reflectivity for a diamond. Previously, former versions of the round cut, like cushion cut, used to have lesser number of facets. Fewer facets means the facets need to be longer and longer facets always reveal the flaw in the stone. Thus, these previous versions of round cuts were only appropriate for the rare flawless diamonds. However, the modern round brilliant cut has a huge number of facets which means the facets are really small and they effectively hide whatever flaw, called inclusions, the stone might be having. The end result is a truly glittering and perfect-looking diamond with a much wider availability.

While experts differ slightly on this, the ideal number of facets a round brilliant cut diamond has is believed to be between 56 to 60. However, one can create even more facets if there is a high number of flaws in the stone which needs to be hidden.

There are several advantages of the round brilliant cut, apart from hiding the inclusions.

13419036_1102821626455462_5555979745544391388_nThe primary reason behind the popularity of round brilliant cut is also the biggest advantage of this cut. They can conceal flaws better than any other cut. In other cuts, flaws in diamonds of the categories SI1 or SI2 are visible to the naked eye but round brilliant cut can hide these flaws effectively. It is no wonder that round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is so popular among all the couples.

Secondly, round brilliant cut increases the natural brilliance and the reflectivity of the diamond to a great extent. The more a diamond shines, the more attractive it is. Round brilliant cut enhances this feature of a diamond manifold and thus, it is so popular.

As the cut is round in nature, as the name suggests, there are no edges. This is the third advantage of round brilliant cut. Diamonds tend to break near the edges. With no sharp edges present, diamonds are more durable when cut in round brilliant shape.


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