Characteristics of Radiant Cut Diamonds

While planning to propose to your lady love, there is one thing no man can ignore, the ring. While it is easy to decide to ask the big question with a diamond ring, it is difficult, with so many cuts and shapes available, to make up your mind about the perfect piece of stone. You might be in love with the princess cut but so many of your friends already have it. How to be different?

While looking for a unique ring for your spouse or love, you can consider a radiant cut diamond. Irrespective of how it is mounted, one can expect maximum sparkle and shimmer from this shape of diamond. In fact, a readymade engagement ring with a radiant cut diamond embedded can be purchased as well.


Radiant cut is a hybrid cut with slightly rounded corners and with rectangular or square shapes. The number of facets varies between 53 to 70. The octagonal shape gives it additional dazzle which often makes it a favorite for wedding jewelry.

There are several unique features of radiant cut diamonds. Some of them are

  • The cut itself, the radiant cut, gives better color scheme to the diamond, compared to other popular cuts.
  • This cut also gives better clarity to the diamond as the extra facets hide any flaw in the stone.
  • When the cut is applied properly, the carats of the stone can be maximized. This change is visible to naked eye rather than being a measurement under the surface of the stone.
  • As there is no fragile corner, the radiant cut diamonds are far more durable than any other popular cut. Thus, this cut is very appropriate for those who lead an active life.

However, this is not an easy cut. Only a master diamond cutter can perform the tricky cuts and maintain the perfect number of facets. As the name suggests, the result is a perfect stone with ample radiance. When the cutter messes up with the cut or the number of facets, the stone will lose its radiance and will also lose its value.

The most perfect radiant cut diamond will have a top surface amounting to 60% of the total available girth. When looked at from the top, the height or depth of the stone should, again, be 60% of the girth. The sharp bottom end of the diamond should never be cut off or modified.


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