The Specialty Of The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

TSF_Blog-300x300There is no doubt about it that the round brilliant cut diamond is the best when it comes to gifting or buying for you. The best has reasons to be the best, and here the reasons are the perfection. The round cut diamond is just the perfect diamond crafted till date by designers and cutters. The perfect round shape and the amazing 57 facets makes this stone for the perfect brilliance, radiance and awesome shine. The facets lets trap in a ray of light, and makes it play inside for long to give you the best shine possible out of a diamond.

A short history of the round cut

Earlier technology was not much advanced, and cutting this hard gemstone was not easy, thus giving in place for the cushion cut instead of the round cut. The cushion cut was just a rounded corner version of a square cut. And this imparted brilliance well. But after technology got advanced, and the round cut could be paved out perfect, the most brilliant cut in diamonds came up to be the round cut, thus making it another name for the brilliant cut.

What is the round cut most suited for?

11140085_1061677963903162_2649343374306313914_nWell when it’s perfect, it’s suited for anything on earth. It can be added to a solitaire ring to become the perfect wedding, engagement, or gift ring. It can be made to wear as a pendant or in the necklaces, though there are other cuts to be used in neck pieces also. Great for small stud ear rings, this offers to be the best choice of tops for the ears. Combinations are good for larger earrings, where more round cuts or other cuts are clustered together.

The most interesting use of the round cuts are seen on eternity rings. These rings are made of lots f small diamonds fitted together very tight and close. That creates the perfect illusion of combined radiance where light may pass on from one stone to the adjacent and this will create an eternal sparkle on the band. The round cut is the best fittings for such bands and rings owing to the shape, and the ability to impart maximum brilliance even when it’s really tiny.

If you are preparing to buy round brilliant cut diamond, then consult the seller and check out the GIA certificates well before buying. The certificates are the best way to tell you that you are investing on the authentic piece of stone which deserves the price.


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