Why Consider The Emerald Cut Diamond For The Engagement Ring Mount

VMEN-5100-DoubleGroove_1-OV-YGWhy would you think of an emerald cut diamond in replacement of the popular round shape? Well there are certainly some nice reasons which will make you consider. The emerald cut diamonds are very rare, and there makes only 3% of the diamonds found in the world. Yet the sales of the diamonds are decently good, and people take gala interest in emerald cut engagement rings for some of the best reasons. Let’s find out.

Features of an emerald cut diamond

The characteristics of an emerald which makes it a perfect partner for the ring band are as follows:

  • They look bigger than the usual round cut diamonds although both are same weight and this is because of the flat surface and clear rectangular
  • The light coming from the emerald cut diamond does not come as a sparkle, but as broad flashes which makes them look different sophisticated and smart
  • The rarity of the emerald cut diamond is one good reason you can go for it; not all fingers have this special type
  • The slender cut and look makes the finger wearing it look slender too
  • Color or impurity is clearly visible in an emerald cut diamond, making it easy for the buyer to notice smaller details which goes unnoticed with round cut or cushion cut diamonds
  • For the same weight and carat, an emerald cut diamond is priced lesser than a round cut, because not all fingers feel suited with the special look and cut, and the demand for this rare cut is a little lower thus diminishing the price

VMEN-5100-DelicateKE6_1-MA-YG.jpgPeople who have a little different choice and perception often choose the emerald cut for the different look, and vintage styling. These are the reasons; you may take great interest in making the look of your engagement ring totally different, attractive, prestigious and smart.

Choose from the various choices of the emerald rings

While you go for the emerald cut engagement rings make sure that you get the very best for your fiancé. The best way to make sure is by watching the ring carefully for any spot, color impurity or crack within. The GIA may certify the diamond to be original piece with decent clarity, but will not comment on the color. This is your job to see that your diamond is the desired color. The ring metal may vary from platinum to white gold, yellow gold or any other alloy of precious metals. But just the center piece being the emerald cut, the whole attention will be seized by the solitaire only.


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