The Importance Of GIA Certification You Must Know While Buying Diamonds

VMEN-537-A_11-230x230GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America, and the organization has immense importance when it comes to certification of diamonds. Diamond buyers would often ask at the store or the sales person if the stones are GIA certified diamonds or not. They ask it to ensure that they are buying a right piece of stone or are just wasting their money on some fake thing. If you are a pro in selling or buying diamonds then this is nothing new to you. However if you are a novice trying to figure out quality of a good diamond before buying, you must know more about this world acclaimed and globally accepted certification, so that you purchase diamonds better every time.

Why a diamond is GIA certified

The GIA certification is done to declare the originality and quality of a diamond. Every piece of diamond which is put to sale has to go through the GIA check. This checking by the certified experts who know geological examining of gemstones is crucial. A diamond is checked for many elements and overall originality. If the diamond you are seeing is an original one, then there will be a GIA certificate in laminated form accompanying it compulsorily.

The things which are checked by the GIA examiner are:

  • Size
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Depth
  • Thickness
  • Weight
  • Dimensions

All small and big GIA certified diamonds will have these things noted in the small laminated GIA certificate. Every diamond that is certified is inscribed on the girdle with a laser the GIA certification number for that piece of stone, and this is a unique number for every stone.

What does the GIA certification prove?

collection-introThe GIA certification proves that the stone under test is originally a diamond, and describes the qualities of the diamond. This helps in gradation of the diamond. The price of the diamond depends on many other things like the color, the clarity the size, the weight etc. But the GIA does not speak about pricing, and rather just gives scientific details of the diamond.

What to do when purchasing diamonds?

Never purchase a diamond without the GIA certificate. The sales person may give great verbal certificates about a diamond and tell a big price, but always check the originality with the GIA certificate and check details. While diamonds certified by GIA are tested original, GIA never speaks about diamond price, and for that you will have to rely on the selling source.


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