Micro Pave Wedding Band-Inside Perspective

VMWB-1001-16_1-230x230A micro pave wedding band is very much in these days. A standard ring generally will have a big stone at the center surrounded by many small diamonds, thereby minimizing the area of the metal surface which is visible. Such kind of a setting utilizes small prongs for holding the small stones surrounding the band. A micro pave ring is like a general ring used for an engagement with the only difference being the stones’ size. In fact the diamonds utilized in a micro pave ring is comparatively smaller compared to a standard ring.

The benefits of choosing a micro pave ring

If you desire in buying a wedding ring which will grab everyones’ eyeballs, then selecting a micro pave wedding band will be the best choice. Its elegance and brilliance says it all. These rings can either have a lot of tiny stones or a design depending on your choice. Just as other ring styles, a pave ring has a lot of benefits namely,

•    The surface of these settings is much smoother compared to general paved settings.

•    People have the flexibility of making different forms of intricate designs while using small stones as opposed to big ones which are limited in design

channel_set_eternity_ring•    Using countless tiny stones will help in outshining the center stone’s brilliance, but if one uses a single pave stone line this can help in slimming down the band, thereby not making it proportional to the middle stone mostly when this is covered by tiny stones all around. Make it a point to select a jewelry designer who has enough experience in making adjustments for balancing the pave ring’s appearance

•    It is quite cost effective and the price will vary resting on the design which you want. The smaller stones are more affordable than the larger stones while the design’s complexity may add up to the ring’s cost.

•    Today, people have the flexibility of buying these rings from the comfort of their home that is through online stores

Purchasing a wedding band is the most excited and vital part of a wedding. So if you are all set to tie the knot or any of your loved ones are,  then invest in these rings right away. There is truly something elegant and royal about these rings. Simply gift it to your better half and see the spark in her eyes. She is sure to fall in love with you all over again.


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