Things To Remember While Buying A Diamond


Diamonds are precious stone, very much loved by women. It symbolizes pride and lifestyle. There are many ways of wearing gemstones. You can have them in your ring, pendent, earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc. depending on your suitability. Earlier they were available in limited shapes, cuts and carats but due to the advancement in the technology they are now available in various forms and size.

Different types of diamond shapes are as follows:

Points to remember:

There are certain things that you should always keep in mind while buying a diamond. They are:

  • Get thorough knowledge about the various types of diamonds available in the market.
  • Understand what carat weight, cut, clarity and color are. Carat is the unit of weight used. Cut is the characteristic that has an effect on the brightness, fire and scintillation of the gemstone. There are color grades and clarity grades that you should know about before buying.
  • You should always buy certified diamonds to get the highest resale value. You can buy Gia certified diamonds to make sure the diamond is worth the money you spent.
  • Consider the position of stones and where you want to wear them before purchasing. As there are a number of shapes which best suits for a particular jewel piece. For example, cushion shaped diamonds are best suited for vintage motivated settings, pear loose diamonds are very good choice for bands and pendants.
  • It is very important to keep in mind the personality, style and preferences of the person who is going to wear the gem.
  • If buying gemstone for making a wonderful ring, then you have to know the right size of the finger. Because re-sizing the ring is sometimes a difficult job. In other cases, you have to concentrate only on the size and shape.
  • You can also check various designs online to get an idea about what is available in the stores. You can also find Gia certified diamonds according to your style.
  • Be careful while buying from online stores. Try to buy from a reputed store who offers certified diamonds.

In this way you can purchase an elegant design of diamond for your loved ones.


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