Reasons To Choose Princess Cut Diamond

122The princess cut diamond is one of the most demanded diamond which is engraved in engagement and wedding rings. After round cut, the princess cut is the most famous one. In the 1970s princess cut diamond became quite famous. Princess cut diamond has certain edginess which adds to its sharp edges and elevates its look. There are certain features and reasons which make princess cut diamond the most demanding one.

The price of the princess cut diamond

The price of princess cut diamond is comparatively the cheapest of all diamonds. Princess cut diamond costs, at least, thirty to forty percent less than round cut diamond of the same carat. The reason for low price is because the princess cut diamond does not require additional finish while derived from mines. Even there is less wastage while arising from the raw diamond.

Clarity of princess cut diamond

Vintage-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-with-Surprise-Diamonds-in-18kt-White-Gold-0.40-CTWTo give perfect shape, the diamond cutter cannot mold the diamond much, so they try to keep the shape intact and for that particular reason they have to choose raw diamond which is much evident in form. The clarity grade of princess cut diamond is SI2 and above.

Ratio of princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond looks good in certain length and width. The ideal ratio will be 1:1 or 1:1.05. Princess cut diamond which have a rectangular shape are cheaper.

Crown side of diamonds

There are two types of crown side, French corner crown and Bezel corner crown. Bezel cut diamond is the best one as it is less prone to chipping.

Masterwork-Cushion-Halo-Diamond-Band-Engagement-Ring-in-18kt-White-Gold-0.85-CTWThe princess cut diamond is set via four prong ring setting. Check the chevrons before you buy a diamond as more chevron means more sparks. Go for four chevrons which will help you get a real spark. If you are looking for color, then H or I color diamonds will give you that color. Diamonds with depth 68 to 73 percentage will give the best balance of clarity and brilliance.

There are various brands available in the market. But before you choose the right one, you need to have a good idea about princess cut diamonds. So it will be better if you can look for diamond rings or diamond jewelry online, as online you can find a vast variety. Remember diamonds are the most precious stone and are always very dear to the heart so choose well as it is going to be your lifetime asset.


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