Accent Your Beauty and Grace With Princess Cut Diamond Rings

princess cut engagement rings 6Princess cut diamond rings have pulled a chord in the hearts of most women for their brilliance, fire, luster and sparkle. The princess cut retains its sparkle and sheen much like a diamond that is round cut making it as dazzling like the round cut. These have an abundance of sparkle, fire and light. It is due to the cut itself, a diamond in square cut having a 90 degree angle and from every corner. The princess cut ring looks as spectacular and amazing like a solitaire ring, though it can be paired well with other diamond types for creating an exclusive piece of art. In fact jewelry indeed is a form of art and the jeweler is of course the artist. And it rests entirely in the hands of a jeweler who turns the gemstone and the metal into a wearable art. As art is something which stirs the heart and moves the spirit, it is merely fitting to state that one is searching for a timeless art work.

A chief feature that makes this cut timeless is people will not require an excuse of wearing or buying one. It will always look great on one’s finger. Most importantly in the case of diamond rings there is never ever a bad time. Diamonds, especially pear cut dazzle in the light at all times, regardless of the circumstance.

Princess cut diamond rings always had an appeal as opposed to other types of square-cut diamond rings. It provides a sheer elegance, but is not overly flashy. No matter the occasion, the princess cut gemstone will look great always thereby complementing and accenting the grace and natural beauty of the wearer.

princess cut engagement ringsThe jewelers too consider this diamond cut above all else. In fact, when a jeweler begins to cut this gem from the rough, he/she can get two princess cuts and yes from the same diamond. While cutting a round cut gem, a jeweler is likely to lose approximately 60-65% of the diamond. But on the other hand, when he cuts a princess cut diamond he can yield upwards about the range of 80-90%, thereby losing just 10-20% of it in the cutting process. Here lies a key reason why rings having princess cut diamond cost less compared to a ring having a round cut diamond.

Last but the most important part, prior to investing in these rings check the 4 C’s-clarity, cut, color and carat weight and also ensure that it is certified.


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