Interesting Facts About Certified Diamonds

With the jewelry industry turning more fashion aesthetic, the diamond lovers have learned the fact that a stringent quality control must be practiced in the present value-obsessed culture. Buying a certified diamond indeed has turned into a rewarding commodity. For addressing the quality demand, a specific approach has been designed for ensuring that every diamond buyer can acquire certified diamonds. It is done through the authentication process that is carried out by a licensed gemologist officially. Professionals in this field through this form of a bias-free examination helps in measuring, scrutinizing and appraising the diamond’s quality for being considered genuine. Post evaluation, a grading report will be released. Known as the diamond quality document it is a proof of the certified diamond.

princess cut engagement rings

The 4 C’s of a certified diamond

Below are the 4 C’S of a certified diamond,

  • Cut– Cut is the foremost consideration which will help in determining a diamond’s quality. The cut should not be shallow nor too deep. A certified diamond is one that will help in reflecting all the light captured from every angle
  • Carat weight– The carat weight of a diamond is another crucial factor. It is the mass of the diamond while being weighed using a scale irrespective of the real size. It is another method to gauge its cost. The higher the weight naturally the more pricey the diamond will be
  • Clarity– Another vital factor is the clarity of the diamond. Its quality can be depicted via how clear the stone is. Translucent diamonds are in great demand owing to their better brilliance. Hence naturally these come with higher price tags. Existing standards are used for checking the clarity of a diamond which involves the inclusions resting on the number and size found in a diamond. Besides the visibility of the diamond is another determiner
  • Color– The color also plays a crucial role. A scale is generally used to categorize a diamond’s color

These are some of the vital factors that play a crucial role when it comes to determining certified diamonds. For being regarded certified a diamond should pass these qualifications successfully. If they fail to do so one should continue to search till they get a quality diamond. Having a certified diamond will offer people the needed peace of mind and satisfaction that they are getting what they are paying for. They will be happy that they have invested in the right place.


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