Emerald Cut Engagement Rings- A Comprehensive Guide

To find the right ring for your partner for sealing a lifelong promise can be challenging at times owing to the seemingly endless varieties of bands available in the market. Although you are spoilt for choice but nothing can symbolize the assurance of enduring love and togetherness than diamond rings, to be more precise emerald cut engagement rings. Diamonds symbolize loyalty, love and dedication and choosing an emerald cut ring will speak volumes about the character and personality of a couple. Apart from the stunning vintage appearance, this ring is reasonably priced too. The emerald cut ring was amid the primary innovations, especially of the rich class at the time of Pope Innocent III’s reign. Originally created as plain metal bands with time decorative rings have emerged having gemstones put into its design. Such rings bear the initials which convey honor and affection. The different stones used were garnet, ruby and emerald amid others.

diamond engagement ringFacts about emerald cut rings

  • The very first emerald cut ring was made in 1477 during the engagement of Australia’s Archduke Maximillian and Mary of Burgundy
  • Emerald cut engagement rings are studded with rectangular shaped diamonds having slightly cropped corners. This method originally was planned for emeralds, but as per market demands and preferring its sophisticated appearance or shape, this cut later on was used on diamonds as well
  • The same shape resulted in the wide acceptance of this brand. The specialty of this cut is it can help in creating balance to the wearer’s elongated finger shape, thereby giving the hand an elegant and graceful look

The unique appearance of an emerald cut ring sets it apart with respect to more traditional rings. People on the lookout for unique jewelry pieces can try this cut for setting themselves apart from others. Most famous personalities and powerful people are seen wearing an emerald cut ring more often compared to other styles of rings which has increased its fame further amid the general public. So if you are looking for engagement rings and the same time desire in having something beautiful and unique then without any hesitation opt for an emerald cut engagement ring. This cut has its individual unique beauty which other rings do not. So all those couples who are planning to tie the knot soon invest in an emerald cut engagement ring and take vows for a lifetime of togetherness. All the Best!!!


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