Why And How To Choose Heart Shaped Diamond Rings?

VMEN-100-Antique4Prong_1-OV-YG-230x230.jpgHeart shape is visualized as a symbol of love. And all lovers prefer to have gifts related to this shape. Similarly, women also like to have heart shaped loose diamond as their engagement bands to symbolize their love for each other. A superior quality heart shaped diamond is a gift of advancement in the technology. Nowadays, cutters are able to craft an excellent gemstone that has high fire and radiance qualities.

Benefits of heart shaped engagement rings:

  • It is unique design and timeless piece of art
  • It appears to be good even when it is small in size
  • It is available in a wide price range and so it is quite affordable
  • Heart wedding bands normally maximizes the worth with time due to the challenging cutting type and uniqueness


VMEN-5100-DelicateKE4_1-RA-YG.jpgThese types of bands require some special settings such as bezel and 3-prong settings. In bezel setting, the diamond is wrapped all around to provide high security. But it will also suppress some light contact to the diamond. Whereas 3-prong setting will allow ample of light contact to the diamond which in turn can optimize the brilliance and flash of the gemstone. In this setting, two prongs are used on the upper lobe of heart and one prong which is V shaped is used at the V shaped part at the bottom of the heart. This way it also provides security to the diamond. You can also choose 5-prong setting if you choose larger carat heart shaped loose diamond for your band.

Shopping tips for wedding rings:

  • You must always buy rings that have been crafted and authorized by either the EGL, IGI, GIA or AGL
  • It is always a good choice to purchase from a reputed merchant in order to get the best quality diamond band
  • Stick on to the gemstone parameters that are as follows:
    • Clarity: VVS1 to VS2
    • Color: D- G
    • Perfect length to width: 0.9 to 1.0
  • Look for bands that are made with the perfect settings and metal which can maximize the fire and brilliance of the diamond.
  • Keep the perfect size of the ring ready for the ring. You can use ring size charts to select the exact size to avoid issues of unfitness.

Diamonds are eternal and everlastingly and so they become a perfect gift to be given to express the eternal and never-ending love.


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