Reasons Why You Need To Buy Certified Diamonds

VMR_132Dark_Coral_1_1st_org_sWhen it comes to buying diamonds, most people think that the job is done once the bills are paid. Well, that’s not true. In addition to footing the bill for a gorgeous wedding ring, there is one more thing that you will need to do. Since you are going to be spending the money, better be sure of what you buy.

The last thing that you want to worry about is investing in a fake stone and finding out only after you have made the purchase. Diamonds are not ordinary stones. They are precious. A raw diamond may not mean much but once you get it polished, it could actually be worth a million.

There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to purchasing a diamond. To start with, the cut and clarity is extremely important. In fact, the cut, clarity and other details come into play in a big way while picking diamonds.

To a certain extent, it is the cut and clarity that defines the beauty of a diamond. These details are pivotal because it ultimately works out the overall aesthetic appeal of the ring. However, sans the certification, the diamond holds no value.

What is the certificate?

VMR_176A_1_1st_org_sAs the name suggests, it is a document approved by the concerned authority that justifies the value of your purchase. Everything from the clarity to the cut and the carat value of the diamond are mentioned in this certificate.

Why is it important?

In future, if ever, you decide to claim the value of your Certified Diamonds, it will not be possible until you are able to produce the certificate to value your purchase. Even in case of any discrepancy at any point in future, the certificate will help you claim the right value for your purchase.

Who will provide the certificate?

collection-introYou need to understand that the certificate is your most important document. Whoever you purchase the stone from has to be authorized to provide the certificate. If that is not the case, we strongly advise you against buying.

Does the certificate cost extra?

Of course not, the certificate is a compulsory document that comes with the rest of your bill. There is no extra charge associated to it.

The next time you decide to buy a diamond, insist on getting the right certification for it.


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