Try These Unique Ideas For Engagement Rings

VMEN-2-V_1-230x230There are different engagement rings which are different from each other in cut and design. The modern and the classic are equally popular. However, some people still want to try things which are different. They want their beloved one to look unique and different from the crowd.

In this article, we will try to discuss some of the uncommon yet beautiful designs for engagement rings. Each of these rings will stand out from the rest for their unique pattern.


One of the most unique band styles of the present generation. Mokume is all about class and luxury. Multiple precious metal strips swirl together to give a finish which shows off a unique and beautiful pattern. The metal strips almost look like marbles when the ring is crafted. This was a particularly popular style among the aristocrats of ancient Japan and serves as a brilliant engagement ring nowadays.

Mokume gane and matching stone or symbolic engraving can create an engagement ring which can become one of its kind.


VMEN-1-J_1-230x2302Tribal theme rings combine the symbols of different tribes from all over the world. The style is then infused with artistic beauty to make it just apt for loving couples. You can choose from a wide variety of tribes and their different symbols and different styles. Each symbol has or had its own meaning for the original tribes and it is important how the symbol is depicted.

Once you decide to include love and romance with these symbols and styles, these designs are just for you. Depending on the style and symbol you choose, these rings can be worn by both men and women. It is easy to attach a precious stone to these rings to create a richer look.


VMEN-2-I_1-230x230Choosing unique engagement rings can be a difficult task when considering how many subtle and bold symbols you can choose from. It is very possible to design a custom ring from a chosen symbol or style. You can, in a way, create your own symbol once you infuse these available options with your own unique ideas.

One of the popular symbols in the infinity symbol with two stones placed in two loops of the symbol. It creates a beautiful and unique look. You can use your family heirloom or create a symbol between yourselves or include any concept which demonstrates or unifies two loving souls. It all depends on the couple and what they choose.


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