Let Your Imagination Loose On Loose Diamonds

VMEN-2-V_1-230x230Have you ever heard of loose diamonds? No? Let’s discover the brilliance of loose diamonds together. These diamonds are ones which are not mounted on any piece of jewelry because either its beauty singlehandedly steals your heart or the versatility of its combination of use cannot be tied down to one specific use. The sheer uniqueness of its brilliance makes it more alluring on its own and this is gradually gaining major popularity among people nowadays.

There are so many possibilities for the use of a loose diamond. Depending on your taste, it can be made into any piece of jewellery you want, be it rings, necklaces, earrings or anything which fits your needs. Feeling creative? You can even try out your very own heart shaped loose diamonds. You not only get a say in how you want the diamond to be shaped but also how you want it to be placed in the piece of jewellery you want. The advantages of loose diamonds are limitless and who knows, you could even end up designing your very own diamond ring!

diamond-collection-introOne very important aspect you need to consider while acquiring a loose diamond is its clarity. No need to fuss if this is not down your alley. Just look for someone knowledgeable in examining loose diamonds or even you can ask the jeweler from whom you are purchasing and whom I am sure will be obliging gladly. One way to observe and determine the value of a loose diamond is to place it under magnification. So, make sure you pay attention while this process is going on.

Now that you have your very own loose diamond what is the next step? Well you want to place it in specific jewellery? That’s not rocket science anymore. There are specialised jewelers who would assist you in getting your dream jewelry in your hand. If it’s not available where you live then you may as well do a search on the net for online jewelers specialized in this service. Your input is vital on these online jewelers’ site. It is very user friendly providing that you choose well the piece of jewelry you want and the loose diamond which strikes you. Just leave the rest to them; you will get what you ordered just like that.

VMEN-1-L_1-230x2301It is advisable though before you start asking your jeweler to cut your loose diamond to first understand the lingo of the many cut types. Examples of the many cut types available are the emerald cut, the heart-shaped cut, the pear cut and the round cut. You will sure make an impression on your jewelers by using these references since they are the most common used ones. The most common use of loose diamonds is in rings so be tempted to design your very own classic ring with side stones with your very own personal touch.


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