Why GIA Certificate is So Important For Your Diamond

top+moissanite+engagement+rings+#4We don’t get engaged everyday so we make every effort to make this event memorable. What is a better thing to make it unforgettable than a diamond engagement ring!

One can easily buy diamonds from wholesalers and then get the ring ready by giving it to the jeweler. However, if one buys the ring directly from the jeweler, not only he can save money but also can get superior quality stones. However, one should always be cautious. Buying a ring from a not-so-reputed jeweler can easily burn a hole in your pocket and ruin the occasion at the same time.

The best way to avoid this scam is by trusting a vendor who is GIA certified. GIA certification will ensure that you get from him what you pay for.

GIA stands for Gemmological Institute of America. It is one of the leading authorities in the world on gems and precious stones. The purpose of GIA is to certify stones and gems so any common man who buys these is protected from forgeries and gets what they pay for. A GIA certified diamond is obviously a genuine diamond.

princess-cut-engagement-ringsThe institute does this by checking and assigning grades to every stone which comes to the market. They continuously carry out research to stay updated about the market and to find out better ways to grade and identify the gems. They often update their grading and identification methods as well, this way customers can be confident that they are investing in genuine diamonds.

Every reputed jeweler allows GIA to inspect each of their stones for grading and identification purpose. This certificate of genuineness is getting increasingly important as newer ways to create artificial precious stones are being developed. Newer natural sources of these stones are being discovered as well and thus these stones must be certified as well.

To add to these, to know whether the stone is procured from ethical sources or not, the environmental impact of the stone extraction and more, these certificates play an important role.

All these reasons tell you to stick to a GIA certified diamond when you’re ready to invest in one.

It is not difficult to find a jeweler that only specializes in GIA certified stones, especially if you look for them online. Most of the reputed jewelers have online presence now and you can buy from them via their online shops.


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