Factors to Consider Before Buying Engagement Rings

Wedding bands are probably the most important item for a wedding. Not only do they constantly remind you of the oaths you have taken together, but that ring is to accompany the woman everywhere and every day, hopefully, till she is alive. This is why choosing the most befitting wedding band is so important. The options are many and thus one needs to take time to make up his mind. A few basic things should be done right to ensure that the wedding band is perfect for her.

The metal should be chosen first. Common metals are gold, platinum, titanium, white gold, tungsten and silver. Gold and platinum are more classic and timeless while titanium and tungsten are more modern metals.

The color is the 2nd factor to consider. Silver toned metals are the most popular in the world, which makes platinum and white gold very apt two choices. There is the traditional yellow gold which has a strong follower and there is the rose gold which has a pinkish hue. Titanium and Tungsten are greyish.

As a thumb rule, wedding bands for men are wider, compared to the rings for the women. You can either follow this or choose whatever floats your boat. Wider rings are certainly more noticeable compared to the thinner bands but the latter can be more comfortable.

Whether to have stones on it or not is another choice you have. Most of the rings are plain. However, you can still go for a stone studded ring if you wish, in fact, diamond wedding bands for women is the 2nd most popular choice after the plain rings. Jewelers have lots of different options to present to you and you can choose your favorite design from that. Women would love to have a matching wedding ring with their engagement ring.

Choosing the shape and the fitting of the band is the final consideration. You shouldn’t ignore comfort for style as this is to be worn. For a ring which is easy to wear, contoured rings are your best choices. A very small portion of the metal actually touches the skin and thus it is a very comfortable band to wear. You can also choose a half round ring with pipe bands or domed tops which are comfortable to wear as well.

A ring should be purchased only after careful consideration of all these factors to make it a companion for a lifetime.


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