Micro Pave Rings Is A Great Engagement Gift

There are two types of pave bands; the standard one and the micro pave one. A standard pave diamond ring has a large centre stone, surrounded by many smaller ones. The visible metal surface is very little in these types of rings. Small prongs are used to hold the surrounding stones to the band. The micro pave version is similar to this ring but the large centre stone is absent in that. The surrounding diamonds used in the micro pave version are much smaller as well, compared to the standard version of the ring.

If you want a dazzling ring to catch everyone’s attention, then the elegant micro pave engagement rings are perfect for the occasion. These rings can carry over a hundred tiny diamonds, if you choose such a design.

Like everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages of micro pave wedding band. First thing is, the surface of the ring is much smoother when you are buying micro pave rings. As tiny stones are being used, the design can be intricate as well. Large stones limit the flexibility of the design to an extent. The rings are more durable as well because the prongs used are smaller in size.

When lots of surrounding stones are used, they can actually outshine the centre stone, in case of a standard ring. However, if you are using a single pave track, if can cut down the expenses for the band as well. In micro pave, as there is no such centre stone, this problem doesn’t exist. You need to choose a good jeweler who can maintain the fine balance which is needed by the micro pave rings.

The cost of these rings is surely less than the standard ones as the large centre stone is missing. However, finally, the cost depends on the type of design you choose. As many stones are to be placed, the making charges for these stones tend to go higher. You can visit the local jewelers for an estimate. However, if you want, you can browse the internet and can get much better choices. However, be careful while shopping online and place the order only when you are sure about the company. You can read the reviews of the company online and decide about its credibility. Make sure that the site provides the GIA certificate along with the diamond because that reassures the quality of the stones.

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