Pear Cut Diamonds

The pear cut diamonds were for the very first time produced in the 15th century by Lodewyk van Berquem an inventive jeweller who was known as the first ever individual to incorporate diamond shapes in jewelry. The pear cut diamonds have a distinctive resemblance to the shape of a tear drop. In fact, over the years, this specific diamond cut has sometimes been referred to as the teardrop cut. Fundamentally, these are a blend of the marquise diamond shape and the rounded diamond shape and apart from that; there is a tapered point at one end. The pear cut diamonds or if you wish the pear drop cut diamonds are cut starting from wider to slimmer cuts just like the marquise and the oval cuts.

Many a times, the pear cut diamonds are put on with the tapered end facing in the direction of the arm of the individual who is wearing the diamond. This is done since this type of cut has an added merit as it tends to bring out the look of a lengthier and leaner finger to the person who puts on the piece.  diamonds-loose-diamonds-wholesale-diamonds-diamond-engagement-rings-gemstones-GIA-certified-diamonds-los-angeles-downtown-los-angele

The pear cut diamonds that we have at our store are set with a sturdy prong at the pointy end since this end is the one that is most likely to be open to destruction for instance chipping and formation of extra planes. This is due to the fact that this edge was originally nearest to the rough or in other words, the naturally occurring stone’s exterior section. Nonetheless, these particular imperfections are made practically invisible to the naked eye as a result of using the prong.

As professionals whose primary concern is the quality of the diamonds that we cut, we take the uttermost care together and focus our attention to detail and precision. That is why the diamonds that we have ensure perfection. Therefore the moment you make a purchase of a pear cut diamond for instance you will get nothing but the best available stones the market can offer.

Clarity of the loose diamonds is determined by the inclusions in the loose diamond; this may mean slightly included or very slightly included. The slightly one is not visible to the naked eye unless magnified there opting for the very slightly included may be the best choice. Carat is the weight or size, the larger the diamond the heavier the diamond and the more expensive it will be.


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