Heart Shaped Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are diamonds that have not been tailored to fit into a specific jewelry item, they are those pieces of the precious stone which have been cut into different forms and sizes awaiting to be placed into a piece of jewelry.

It is natural as a lady for you to want that distinctively unique ring on the day of your engagement, wedding ring or for that matter, any other special occasion. There is no other shape of precious stone that can truly express one’s deepest feelings for someone than the heart shaped loose diamonds. If you want to truly surprise your beautiful lady and show her that she means the world to you, the heart shaped loose diamonds are the ultimate solutions.

Loose diamonds are actually not a very new concept. This art was in fact quite widespread in western countries in the 13th Century. The heart shaped loose diamonds among the other forms were customarily asked for by royal families so that they could have custom made pieces of jewelry. From then on, the trend has grown and is now very widely held with the never-ending yearning for customers who want custom made jewelry.  LSHEAR1-2

Procurement of the heart shaped loose diamonds will allow you to tailor that jewelry piece as you wish, thus giving you maximum contentment with the ending jewelry outlook. Obtaining heart shaped loose diamonds requires the same exact steps taken while purchasing any other loose diamonds. It is wise to go for the GIA certified diamonds and that way you will be sure that you have a piece that has been submitted to a comprehensive analysis. This analysis usually consists of the four C’s, i.e. clarity, color, cut and carat. This will guarantee that you have bought authentic loose diamonds which will enable you to have tailor made jewelry.

The diverse shapes of diamonds come with a diverse iridescent effect, some have more enriched fire look and others have a less conspicuous fire appeal. The price as always will rest on the shape, culet, clarity and colour. Color consists of finding out how the amount of yellow tinge is existent in the loose diamond and it starts from A to H i.e. A is colourless and H has the most noticeable yellow tinge.


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