The Enchanting Pear Shaped loose Diamonds

One major consideration that professional jewelry shoppers take into account when shopping is the stone shape.Pear shaped loose diamonds are simple yet classic configuration that is a combination of both beauty and tradition. If you are the kind of person looking for a conventional gemstone that has a unique touch then all you need to know about this rare accessory are unleashed herein.

The pear cut design has a rich history. It was invented by the famous Lodewyk Van Berken who was a Flemish diamond cutter. He first invented a scaif which was a polishing wheel that was used for polishing gems from every side. The invention of this machine in 1456 made a complete turn-around in the world of luxury goods, particularly jewelry making. In 1458, courtesy of the scaif, the first ever pear cut diamonds were made. At the time most jewelers did not like this design since they felt it wasted a bigger part of the diamond during the cutting process.  top+moissanite+engagement+rings+#4

The traditional round brilliant cut went through a variety of modifications to achieve its pear shaped design referred to as “modified brilliant”. The exact proportions of the pear shaped loose diamonds vary widely and you may get one with a rounded or oval side on one end and the other end pear or tear shaped. Tear drop or pear shaped diamonds make the best wedding and engagement rings. They can be modified to suit whichever form and taste of your choice. Nonetheless, you may opt to buy ready-made ones. If you go for the latter, then you have to consider various items as a reference point;

• Clarity should at least be SI1

• It should have a good cut

• Length /width ratio should range between 1.45 to 1.70

• The recommended depth percentage should range between 57% -65.4%

• Recommended table percentage is 52%-64%

The authentic outlook of the pear shaped loose diamonds makes them ideal for those who would like to deviate from the norm and appreciate traditional jewelry.  You will notice that most people wear the pear diamond with its point up, this is acceptable but not the most stylish and elegant way. The correct way is to wear it with the point down. The tip of the stone should point towards the fingertips and its curved end face the hand.


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