Differentiate Yourself with Cushion Cut Diamonds

Any engagement or wedding is a very special moment for anybody and everybody. To commemorate the moment, you need to present an engagement ring to your future bride. These engagement rings look great on everybody as there are multiple designs to choose from and thus, there is a perfect ring for everybody. However, choosing the ring should be a decision made together as she might have a preference unknown to you. She might secretly be craving for cushion cut engagement rings and you might end up buying a princess cut diamond for her.

Celebrities love to flaunt their rings, especially after getting engaged. Diamond rings have grown in popularity as the first choice as engagement rings. This is because women would love to wear the traditional diamond rings and infuse modern styles in it, whenever possible or in mood of. The width of the ring is an important consideration. There are multiple decent designs available for cushion cut diamonds for engagement.

The stone on the ring is the first thing to consider and the most important thing to consider as well. This ring is going to stay with you for a lifetime and thus, you can’t replace it later as per your wish. Emerald, square and cushion cut engagement rings are mostly popular and are common choice these days. These rings look dazzling and sparkle greatly in the light.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are fashionable in the sense that they bring the charm of the old bygone era back and they have a cut quality which makes them very classy in look. There are multiple new cuts available but it is difficult to find another cut which offers this much of class. A cushion cut diamond, which is not a common cut nowadays, would make you stand out from the crowd as well.

Then, you might also want to consider the different options you have for base metals. You can choose the traditional yellow gold and silver but you can also use newer options like white gold, platinum, titanium and more. A cushion cut diamond would fit easily on any of these metals. However, the yellow gold would create the contrast you wish for while platinum would bring in class. While these two are the relatively costlier option, they also make the ring look better than, say, silver.

Considering everything, a cushion cut diamond engagement ring would surely make her feel special on a very special day.

Buy An Engagement Ring, Marquise Cut Diamond!

c53cf05aba02d0224a819821e6603263Men, who buy an engagement ring for their beloved, rarely choose a marquise cut diamond, also called “shuttle”. It is one of the least popular forms of diamonds. A marquise has an elliptical shape (56 facets) with two pointed ends. And although this form is less sought after than the brilliant and princess-cut, the marquise is just as beautiful.


The marquise cut diamond dates from the 18th century when the French king Louis XV asked a jeweler to cut a diamond that resembled the mouth of his mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson, better known as Madame de Pompadour. Over time, the shape of the diamond evolved towards the marquise we know today.

The name refers to the marquise, rank of nobility between a duke and a count, and comes from the fact that the courtiers were wearing a marquise-sized diamond in order to show their rank. This form of diamond is also called a shuttle, which means small vessel in French because it has the shape of a boat. And even though it was originally a waist method for diamonds, it is often used to cut precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Advice when buying a marquise cut diamond

Purchasing an engagement ring with a marquise cut diamond is one of the possibilities, but this shape is beautiful in any type of jewelry. Here are some important tips when buying a marquee:

  • The long, narrow shape of the marquise makes the finger longer and thinner. If you are considering buying an engagement ring for your love, it is better to think about the shape of your fingers. Thus, a marquise is ideal for women with rather short fingers.
  • The pointed ends of a marquise cut diamond are susceptible to damage. Always make sure that the corners of the diamond are protected by a V-shaped end with a V-claw on the spindle. The two pointed ends of the marquise must be perfectly symmetrical. The smallest imperfection affects the appearance of the diamond.
  • The antique look and slim shape mean that many buyers like a marquise-sized diamond with a slightly tan white color, for example I or J, rather than a colorless marquise.
  • The narrow form of the marquise might have the effect of a less colorful center of the diamond. With a well cut marquise, this effect will be less visible due to the brightness of the facets.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

She has been talking to you for a few months about “Put a ring on it” and you finally give in to this idea. You are about to realize her little girl’s dream by committing with her for the best and for the worst! Before you think of the speech or the elaboration of an original scenario to make your proposal, take care to choose the ring, the precious one. The engagement ring represents your love and commitment; it must live up to its expectations. Not to mention that once in her finger, she will hasten to boast about it by showing it to all her still unmarried girl pals. Your choice is therefore of paramount importance so that once the time comes she has no hesitation in saying yes!


Determine your budget

There is a difference between loving her and buying her love. Even if you are madly in love with her and you want to please her at all costs, there is a price not to be exceeded, that of reason. Before snapping all your savings on a whim, take the time to make a point on your bank account and determine a maximum budget not to cross. It’s not the price that will make the beauty of the ring; it will help you get it. Make it according to your means, especially that it will be necessary to foresee the future wedding rings, the ceremony and so on. If she loves you she’ll be content. If money is not a problem and you want to get that “wow!” response from her, then go for diamond engagement rings. They are made just for glamour and to impress. Another option is if there is a ring in your family that is handed down from generation to generation, you can offer it. It will not cost you anything but the sentimental value of this jewel will have a much more significant symbolism.

Try to find out what will make her happy


Each woman is different and in jewelry they do not have all the same tastes. If you are thinking of marrying her, you must certainly know her a minimum, as well as what she enjoys. However, if it is not, you can always try to discover it in subtlety so that she does not suspect anything: look at the jeweler’s windows in her presence by paying attention to what she spies at the corner of the eye, search her jewelry box or put her girlfriends or her mum in the confidence to get information on what she wants.

Certificates of Diamonds: True Autopsy Report of Precious Stones

giaToday it is virtually impossible to sell diamonds or colored stones, weighing more than 0.50 carats, at auctions or diamond sales, without a certificate. Indeed, the gemstone market is now governed by three fundamental questions:

  • What is the material of the stone?
  • Is it of natural origin?
  • Has it undergone any treatment?

However, other characteristics, other than physical, are relevant and this is precisely what certificates drawn up by independent laboratories are concerned with. One finds in particular the country of origin of the stone and its provenance, two parameters that can influence positively or negatively the value of the stone.

An indispensable and irrevocable certificate

In the precious stones market, the demand from buyers and investors continues to grow and tends to widen the types of stones sought. Thus, size, quality, purity and weight have become paramount criteria in the choice of precious stones and then assume the passage through the laboratory to attest to their value. These certificates represent a form of insurance for the buyer who is convinced that the amount he invests in this stone is well justified. If these certificates become a habit when selling precious stones, the laboratories that wrote them are just as important. For diamonds, buyers tend to prefer Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificates, one of the three world-renowned gemology laboratories, alongside HRD Antwerp and the International Gemological Institute IGI). Indeed GIA certified diamonds have more potential buyers than any other.

For colored stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, the reputed laboratories are the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), the Gübelin and the GIA. In any case, if the gemstone is of high weight and of rare quality, it is customary for the stone to be certified in several renowned laboratories in order to establish an accurate diagnosis of the characteristics of the stone. Indeed, each laboratory being independent, certain parameters will vary and will then positively or negatively affect the value of the stone, which is why diamond manufacturers do not hesitate to reposition the stone several times in the laboratory to obtain the best characteristics.

A mandatory technical inspection

The importance of certificates is such that today buyers and potential investors ask to see the certificate before they even see the stone physically. That is why it is essential to know the age of the certificate, which may call into question the value of the stone if it is more than 10 years old, for example. Indeed, the cutting and polishing processes of a diamond or a colored stone evolve over time and new technologies.

The Best Choices for Loose Diamonds: The 1/5 Carat Diamonds!

Carat (ct) is the official unit of measure for the weight and relative size of a diamond. The weight of a 1/5 carat diamond is equivalent to about 40 milligrams, or 0.04 grams. In recent years, one carat diamonds have become the standard for engagement rings. The 1/5 carat diamonds arrive just behind in second position. Known for their elegance and incomparable brilliance, the 0.2 or 1/5 carat diamonds are an ideal alternative to a more expensive carat diamond. If you are looking into investing into some loose diamonds then read on for the aspects to look into.

What about Size?

Many consumers do not realize that the carat weight of loose diamonds does not necessarily determine the appearance of the size of the diamond. A 1/5 carat diamond may sometimes look smaller than a 0.18 ct diamond, depending on its shape and how it is cut. If you want to maximize the size of your 1/5 carat diamond, measure the distance from the top of the stone (for round sizes, diameter), note the cut size, and pay attention to your mount. Diamonds with a high level of cut (Cut) offer a great reflection of light, which will make them look bigger, and some frames, such as the halo mount will also highlight the size of the stone.


A diamond takes on value according to its size, color and purity, as well as its carat weight. In general, high-carat diamonds will be more expensive than others. Therefore, the 1/5 carat diamonds will be much cheaper than a two carat diamond or even a carat, since the price of a diamond increases dramatically with every half carat.

Diamonds 0.2 or 1/5 Carat

While it is true that the most popular diamond used for Engagement Rings is a one carat diamond, the 1/5 carat diamond is the solution for couples who are looking for a smaller but remarkable diamond for their ring. Another option is to choose a frame that can accommodate several 1/5 carat diamonds, as several 1/5 carat diamonds will always cost less than a high carat diamond, and they will create the illusion of a more central diamond large. A customer whose heart is leaning towards the solitary mount would be advised to choose a frame made to maximize the amount of light reflected on the 1/5 carat diamond, which will greatly enhance the diamond.

Certified Diamonds, the Interest of Choosing Them

122Choosing certified diamonds is not at all a whim, nor a matter of pride; it’s really a choice that needs to be taken very seriously. Indeed, the current technology enabling counterfeiters to bluff their victims, the best option not to be fooled is to bet only on original products, in other words, those whose authenticity has been confirmed by specialists in the matter.

How to recognize certified diamonds?

For non-connoisseurs, recognizing certified diamonds could prove to be a bit difficult. The simple reason is that many customers today do not yet know what information they should ask the jeweler to be certain of the authenticity of the stones they want to buy. What then should be taken into account? First, the gemological certificate, which certifies that your diamond has been tested according to procedures in accordance with the standards in force before being put on sale. In this regard, three certifications must be brought to your attention if you want to justify this conformity test: the GIA certificate, the IGI certificate or the Diamond Certificate HRD. One of these three certifications visible on the diamond profile you want to buy, you will be able to ascertain that you have come across the right stone, and not a fake one.

Certified diamonds act as insurance on their prices

Certified diamonds are an undeniable guarantee of price justification. Being informed about the original identity of your precious stones, you will be reassured about the quality of the item you were going to buy, and especially when pushed by the desire to let you go a little budget side, you would consider the prospect of buying at a higher price than normal. In addition, there is no need for you to engage in a whole series of observations, in other words, to check the color, the purity or the brilliance. The certificate accompanying the stone that you wish to buy, it will suffice you amply as justification of authenticity.

Now that you know why purchasing certified diamonds can by far benefit you from the security point of view, afterwards, have you ever thought of the most reliable way at the moment to buy with ease and security? Yes? No? Anyway, if you are in the loop, you will know that the Internet has become the ultimate resort to take full advantage of this kind of purchase. On the net, you can both safely select your diamond, pay and get yourself delivered without worries. Choosing the right online jeweler is however a must to ensure a quality service.

Why Choose the Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald-cut diamond is a rage among celebrities in Hollywood to the point of becoming a typical “must have” as the engagement stone for all the actresses in sight. You share this craze for emerald cut engagement rings but you have found that they are often much more expensive than round cut diamonds and you would like to understand why? Let me explain…


As the one would have said, if the emerald size bears this name it is that it is more adapted to emeralds than diamonds. This is true for the same reason that diamonds are often cut in circles and sapphires in oval which is basically according to their crystallization system. Cut an octagonal raw emerald in half lengthwise, and you will get the first-fruits of an emerald cut with minimal weight loss. Your emerald will have its right color and will also be stronger.

On the contrary, a raw diamond, of natural octahedral shape, will not be easy to cut in an octagonal size. It will be necessary to accept a loss of material superior to that of the round size and in the end, it will be the customer who will have to pay.

For the diamond, the emerald cut little decomposes the light. Without colored brilliance, diamonds which are a little yellow will appear frankly yellowish if they are cut in this size. The inclusions invisible to the naked eye in a round will be striking to the eyes in an emerald size. The emerald size therefore implies a very good quality of diamond, which increases the price.

But the emerald diamond has a crazy charm. It shines less than a brilliant round cut, but it has an unparalleled class. Invest in this type of diamond and you will make a good investment as every time an intrinsic rarity justifies the price of a stone, and not a rarity of facade orchestrated by any marketing department.

Emerald cut engagement rings are defined as the most sober and noble diamond. Its simplicity in its shapes with purity goes well with the shape of the emerald cut, the most distinguished. A masterpiece of balance, the diamond rests on the kitten’s belt, low, near the finger, on the ring with the cut angles.   Emerald cut engagement rings are made to measure according to the specific measurements (Length, width, depth) of emerald diamond which is by choice on custom request.